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13 October 2006

Sky appreciation

One of my passions is the sky... ok, I know that sounds odd, but it does play such a big part of our lives, doesn't it? When the sky's universally gray, how do we feel? When there's floaty little clouds on a blue sky... again we are generally affected by it. I love to look at the sky, and see the ever-changing patterns formed there... sometimes I happen to have my camera, and capture the moment. Most of the time I don't, and wish I did, then remind myself to enjoy the moment anyway. The image, or a moment, can last longer in the memory if we commit it, instead of lazily trying to get the camera to do the job. What happens when the picture/photo/camera isn't available? Then we can't enjoy it as we would a memory. However, saying that, I love to take a picture, run home and say 'Look at this!' so I still take them when I can. Also, the memory does have a habit of playing tricks, doesn't it?

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