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21 March 2008

Hello again

You're all so unselfish, while I'm wrapped in my own little world. You visit and I'm pre-occupied... working, visiting mum, giving my bathroom a make-over (believe me, it was the pits - see pic at end!) and occassionally breaking this up with doing my astronomy coursework.

I feel selfish and self-centred, and (not to sound too theatrical here :-) ) totally in another world. I know I'll return here to the blogosphere, because it was somewhere that nice folks hang out, but things are coming to a head in the outside world, and having a second loved one dying within a year is a lot to handle.

Some might say its life, but life is, by definition, the antithesis of death, and that's what I seem to have to learn to face... I'm sure the nightmares and night time wakings will stop eventually but, for now, I have to deal with them. I'm sorry that I'm neglecting all you lovely folks. Please don't take it personally - I'm neglecting everyone I care about :-( There will be a closing, a finishing to this period (which feels it's been going on forever, but will culminate soon), and I am confident a new living will emerge, but for that to happen I will need to accept death as part of life, and (call me soft) I'm finding that a hard experience to learn from. It will come.

I will visit soon, if I can .... I think of you all often!


And now for something different...

For a moment every evening I go to a spot nearby and take a photo of the sunset to show the changing position over time. I've nearly completed half a year, from the Autumnal to the Vernal equinox, and here are some of the photos (you'll have to scroll down quite quick to get the idea of the movement of the sunset, methinks... anyway, you can have a go... :-) ) See how there's a point about half way down that the sun is setting to the left (South West), and it seems to hang around that point for a while? Well, that's around the Winter Solstice, when our orbit is closest to the sun and when the Sunset starts to head in a more northerly direction again... (and when, incidentally, the Earth is moving its fastest relative to our lovely star...)

[These include some photos from last year,
before I started my project,
so not all are taken from the exact same spot]

© Annelisa Christensen 11:09 pm

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At March 24, 2008 6:34 pm, Blogger TopChamp said...

hello - cool effect - scrolling fast works.

Good to hear from you x

At June 18, 2008 7:51 pm, Blogger bulletholes said...

Annelisa's Analema!


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