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29 November 2006

Heroines and Heros (Bloggers' Poem)

Heroines and Heroes

Montana's finest felicity-
without doubt this creative gypsy

Exhibiting images altered
Italian poetry haltered

Bone dry and wilting something chronic?
Seedling doctor provides a tonic
Pure pictures and wierd stories on show
suspend your belief for just a mo!
Appreciator of poetry
forms words and pictures of great beauty

Dangerous Posts of stories or shoes
Masterful chef cooks up great menus.
Provoking thought and inspiration
compact, yet complete, tale creation.
'Cats rule the Blogosphere!' is a fact...
Center stage is a (mostly) black act.
Teenage turbulence directed write,
following poor Kinderella's plight.
Sound soul business ideas concur
for any budding entrepreneur.
Focal point of many voices,
This canny dude will give you choices.
Brownies, celery and chips on plate,
Blows her trumpet for increased pay rate!
Diary maps plans of audacity-
African dreams to reality.
Dabbling in fine arts on a small scale
Sprig and Big Al are friends of horned male.
Not insane jokes, rants and poetry -
chains and links provide variety.
Memorable fine artist etches
developing fantasy sketches
Working better than any aspirin
Gallery Pictures brings forth a grin.
Youthful but ancient blogger replays
most absorbing tales of yesterdays.
Kindred spirit in image and prose
Calm beauty where hidden flower grows.
Emanating from galaxy core
Star-words and beyond-words scene rapport.
Generous whiskers come in a pair
In timely con-furrr-ence about my hair
Flight of rainbow dove on peaceful day
brings olive branch of friendship this way.
Tangled web woven, not without care
Has issues with women, weight and hair.
String of wise words worn on occasion -
journal of redolent persuasion.
Chieftain burning on pyre
bent politicians - comic satire.
Returning unconditional love
Friendly gift text-wrapped in frisky glove
Marble dreamer asking war to cease
spins chattering globes for Day of Peace.
Hope canters in on breathtaking steed
unfettered and free as tumbleweed.
Paint sparkling pictures all ethereal
feather soft kiss bestowed by an
Add Earth-girl tonic to effervesce -
Cat's poetical quest to express.
Creative teacher taking a break

tells tales of childhood, smiling in wake.
Endless Explorer of blogosphere

Borrowed images mark he was here!


(more to follow...)


Dona Nobis Pacem!
7th November


Dona Nobis Pacem

24th December 2006

© Annelisa Christensen 2:16 pm

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