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13 December 2006

Quick game of tag to warm up!

Topchamp tagged me to:

1. Grab the book closest to you.

2. Open to page 123, go down to the fifth sentence.
3. Post the text of next 3 sentences on your blog.
4. Name of the book and the author.
5. Tag three people.

so, I decided to do it while it's hot, and before I got kicked off the pc again for the night!


"Neisin! Where are you? Neisin! I've got-"

(Ok, so I know that's 4 sentences, but they are short. Very short!)

Book is "Consider Phlebas" by Iain M. Banks

I'm going to tag:

Red Dirt Girl (seeing as she did the last one, but hid it on someone else's blog! :-D )
(because she tagged me last time)
David (because he'll have to be inventive how he answers without wrecking his tag-free zone)
Quasar9 (because he does so love a tag! :-) )

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At December 14, 2006 12:17 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm "supposed" to be sabbatical-ing.....so I'm answering on your blog, girlfriend! You just know red dirt kitty can't stay away! Here goes:

"Now let me come unto that stately tree,
Wherein such goodly prospects you did see;
That oak that did in height his fellows pass,"

Book: The Making of a Poem: A Norton Anthology of Poetic Forms

(this was in the heroic couplet chapter; poem by Aemilia Lanyer)

Let's see.......I would tag Steve at http://srevestories.blogspot.com
Mother of Invention at
Mystic Rose at

now, just getting them over here...


At December 14, 2006 8:08 am, Blogger Annelisa said...

Nice one Kitty - should've guessed you'd have a poetry book nearby! Should've posted this tag on the tree post a couple of days ago! :-)

Hope you're enjoying your sabatical!

At December 14, 2006 8:05 pm, Blogger Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I have been having the very same problem with comments. In fact, I have been over here trying.

I did this same meme on my blog, too. I love meme's that are short an easy like this and that have a magical message. But what does yours mean?

At December 15, 2006 7:20 am, Blogger Annelisa said...

:-D I think that's what's so funny about it Maryam - my sentences are just so meaningless on their own!

I'll give you a bit more context:

Horza started running, pounding back down the corridor. Lamm, who had started to walk back, stopped and put his hands on his hips when he saw the other man running, away from him. There was a distant roaring noise in the air, like a waterfull heard from far down a gorge.
"I can feel something too, it's as if..."
"What was Mipp yelling about?"
"We're crashing!" Horza shouted as he ran. The roaring was coming closer, growing stronger all the time.
"Ice!" It was Mipp."I'm bringing the shuttle! Run! It's a wall of ice! Neisin! Where are you? Neisin! I've got..."
The roaring noise grew; the corridor around Horza started to groan. Several of the opaque roof panels fractured and fell to the floor in front of him. A section of wall suddenly sprang out like an opening door and he just avoided running into it. The noise filled his ears.

Coming over to yours to see what you had (I know Topchamp nicked it off you - she unashamedly admitted it! :-D )

At December 15, 2006 3:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nearest book???
OK, you asked for it...
"Press breasts into buttered dish, cover and put on low setting. Go play , work shop , whatever. Do anything that will keep you from exposing breasts for the next eight hours."

L.D. Bell Band Cookbook titled "Melodies from the Kitchen"
featuring recipes submitted by band parents. Its not exactly page 123, or the 5th sentence, but it is word for word and too good to pass up!!!

At December 15, 2006 3:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With regards to the previous comment, you know me as Steve!!!

At December 16, 2006 7:37 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

Hi Steve - bit of saucy cooking going on in your place? :-D What brilliant lines - anywhere- but in a cook book so so funny! Just trying to work out - you have to put butter dishes on your breast for 8 hours, and not expose them? It would be difficult to play anything, I would think in that situation!! :-D

Thanks Steve - needed that laugh!

At December 21, 2006 3:20 am, Blogger that frolicsome kid said...

Lol, that's a funny meme! =P


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