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16 December 2006

tagged again!!

Kilroy left me this message he was going to leave in the comments earlier:

"I came to leave this comment for you this morning:
You, my friend have been tagged!"

So, I went over to take a look, and found:

...'Tis The Season

Favorite seasonal movie?
Gotta be "It's a Wonderful Life"

Song you most enjoy this time of year?
Pogues with Kirsty MacColl "Fairytale of New York" or Jona Lewi "Stop the Cavalry"
"Holiday Greeting"?
Crikey, I don't know... "Hi, how are you?" :-D or maybe just "Happy Christmas!" Haven't really got a particular thing I say...
Decorate, inside? outside?
This year? Haven't even got all the inside decorations up. Normally I'd go a whole lot more, but have had little time this year, and also less inclination than normal...
Do you make a list? If so, how many people are on it?
List? I only have one friend! Oh, no, that was someone else...
How up to the last minute do you shop?
If the kids are with their dad - Christmas Eve eve. If they're with me... ehm... Christmas Eve eve. With a little prep beforehand! :-D
When do you open your gifts?
When I was a kid - Christmas Eve, the Danish way. Now - in the morning, after breakfast (before breakfast kids open stockings)
Holiday food you most savor?
As a kid - salt licorice sent from Denmark by Uncle and Aunt. Now... Choccies, mince pies and satsumas.
Favorite holiday book?
Do people have time to read at this time of year???!!!
New Year Resolutions?
For 23 years it was to give up smoking. The last couple of years the only resolution I had was to stay stopped! :-) And if that's boring, just remember that it took 23 years to actually carry out the resolution! :-S

Do I know 10 people that aren't here? Let's see...

Kilroy (since he should do his own tag! :-D)
Topchamp (since she tagged me last)
Starbender (a bit of a challenge to find a place to post the tag)
Hope (because I haven't tagged her before)
Mimi (if you're too busy with the new *** Peace Day= 24th December *** for everyone who wants to join in!! - that's OK...)
Mark Jakerson (because I haven't tagged before)
Bobbie (Ha ha! See if you can do this somewhere on your blog! :-D)
Farris Thorne (if you're back from your trip)
Guiliano88 (I'll get my page translator out to read it! :-))
Josh (who I've only just met!)

Don't worry, I know it's a busy time of year, so if anyone can't / doesn't want to do it then that's absolutely fine!! And if anyone wants to do it, who's not named here - go ahead :-D

© Annelisa Christensen 3:46 am

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At December 18, 2006 12:06 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When do you open your gifts?
When I was a kid - as soon as I knew where they were hidden. lol!Now - after Xmas dinner, all adult gathering this year (no kids around - we are the kids, I mean no next generations of kids) not at this years Xmas gathering - all the other relatives with kids are in Ireland, the Basque Country, New York, Florida, South America - and some have gone out to South Africa to visit friends for Xmas

Holiday food you most savour? Everything starting with the big bird Roast Turkey, finger sausages wrapped in bacon (yep all food os kosher & halal) and rice puddings - though no one can make them like nan used to, but alas she'll be there in 'spirit' for the toast.

And I love Spanish Xmas sweets - Turron (hard nougat & nuts) (soft just pure almonds & sugar) I love marzipans and mor marzipans and a whole host of other spanish sweets

And though I never used to like Xmas puddings - I now simply love rich (sherry & brandy) Xmas pudding steaming hot with ice cold cram or icecream ---

If you have any left over after Xmas maybe I'll pop round for some. lol!


At December 18, 2006 12:30 am, Blogger Annelisa said...

Hi Quasar9 - Funny, I was just coming from yours, and thought to check in here before I switched off for the night! :-)

Knew all along you are just a big kid! No doubt in my mind at all!

We call those sausages in bacon "Pigs in blankets" - sound familiar? And we have a local farm shop that has bacon to die for! Makes a very nice accompaniment (sorry vegetarians - bacon's my downfall, and always will be!)

I like the sound of your spanish sweets - sounds like that might be an interesting change. As sweets from other countries, though, I think Halva is one of my favourites - either chocolate or pistachio, but any will do! :-D

xmas pud - definately!

Left overs? You have to be kidding!!! There are never leftovers! But, maybe invite you round for some post-christmas coffee :-)

At December 18, 2006 12:51 am, Blogger QUASAR9 said...

lol! Annelisa - love synchronicity
You over there (at mine)
and I here (at yours)

Yeah love pistachios & halva too.
The original spanish 'soft' turron is an almond based sweet somewhere between halva & fudge ...

If there are any left over, I'll try and send some down your way for your kids to try - simply to die for. Of course now days the variety is inmense the hard version is 'hard nougat & peanuts' but they also make 'ricecrispies and luscious chocolate' versions.

No doubt from the historical jewish (as well as later moorish) influence from Valencia and Alicante (where they are traditionally made) which turned them into a national 'Spanish' Xmas sweet in the 20th Century.

Sweet Dreams & best wishes to you!

At December 18, 2006 1:52 am, Blogger Mother of Invention said...

What are Satsumas? And Halva?

Quasar: What's cram?

I'll try to post Marzipan sguares and maybe eggnog pie! Do you have eggnog there at Christmas? We only have mincemeat pies and tarts at Christmas, served hot with ice cream.
Do you ever make those no-bake peanut butter with coloured marshmallowand buttersctch chips all melted and put in a pan in the fridge? Yummy and simple...kids love them!

Have a great start to your exciting week! 3 days!

At December 18, 2006 2:50 am, Blogger QUASAR9 said...

Hi mother of invention
satsumas are small (pipless?) sweet oranges, like tangerines or mandarins.

Cram is a typo error - read cream
Halva I'll let Annalise try and explain that, it is delish but not widely available - however ant arab shop (if you've got any) or jewish deli is bound to have some.

Egg nog I must find some yanks over Xmas, not an english thing. The closest we have I guess is Advocat or alcoholic egg nog in a bottle. lol!

At December 18, 2006 12:58 pm, Blogger Mother of Invention said...

Quasar: Thanks here too! I used to buy Advocat for my brother-in-law who is from England but you don't see it all that much.

At December 18, 2006 5:42 pm, Blogger red-dirt-girl said...

What a peaceful, lovely photo, girlfriend! ps - you've got mail........let's see - this year we decorated inside and out......we always opened gifts at night on Christmas eve because it's my step-dad's birthday and we would always complain as kids that it wasn't fair that he got to open gifts - and not us.....so the tradition reigns! and I love apple spice cake from my great grandmother's recipe........!!

Merry Christmas to you, girlfriend...and to all whom you love!

red dirt kitty

At December 19, 2006 10:41 am, Blogger TopChamp said...

I'll play - but I'll save it for a few days.

Hope you're well & you've your massive hat supply ready to go...

At December 19, 2006 6:43 pm, Blogger Mystic Rose said...

wow..thats a great pic on top! its lovely.

have a lovely christmas and happy hols..Annelisa.

At December 19, 2006 9:35 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

Ooo, Quasar9 - definately save some of that turron for me (forget the kids! :-) ) - sounds delicious!

:-D I laughed at your reading Quasar9's mispelling of cream! Trying to imagine what strange and mysterious this 'cram' food is, and whether it's a sweet you've missed out on??!!?

Talking of sweets, halva... Mmmmmm... I think you'd like it. It's made with tahini (seseme seed base), honey and semolina... sounds strange, but I assure you it melts in the mouth - my kids are totally hooked! It's not biscuity, but has a sort of crunch. It's not quite fudgey. It's just simply delicious!

At December 19, 2006 9:40 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

Oh yes, I think your 'egg nog' is the same as we call a 'snowball' which is Quasar9's advocat, mixed with lemonade so it all froths up?

Your "no-bake peanut butter with coloured marshmallowand buttersctch chips" sounds really strange... but interesting, and maybe worth attempting!!

At December 19, 2006 9:58 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

Hey Kitty!

I think, if I'd been your mum or stepfather, I would've put my foot down to you all opening your pressies on your stepfather's birthday... kinda loses his day then, doesn't he! Guess he might also love sharing his birthday with you, huh?

I know someone whos birthday is also Christmas Eve... I wonder if she's ever really celebrated it properly. On the other hand, the decorations are always out, and there's always a party going on someplace! :-)

Apple spice cake? Yum! sounds good to me...

Merry Christmas to you too, Red Dirt Kitty Kat, and to all your family!

Massive hat supply ready to get up on my head, Topchamp! I shall be modelling a few over on Baring it all in a couple of days time (when I have a moment...) Until then, you can enjoy seeing my baldy head tomorrow! :-D

Hello there, Mystic! Haven't seen you around in a few days... hope you're well! Have a very Happy Christmas yourself - Hope it's everything you want it to be!

And that goes for all my friends here too! Take care and enjoy the festivities!

At December 21, 2006 3:07 am, Blogger that frolicsome kid said...

Hmm, my family and I don't celebrate Christmas since we are Buddhists, but two years ago, I took the initiative to begin giving them presents. I felt really mellow, happy and warm inside to see them looking so surprised and happy. And thus begins our Christmases, which we celebrate by giving and receiving gifts and have a family feast that night.

Oh yeah, tell me about New Year's resolutions. I broke each and every one after 24 hours ;)

At December 21, 2006 12:09 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

That's a lovely story, Frolicsome Kid! It's really nice you did that, because there's something special about taking time out of a busy ol' life to choose a gift (even if it has a £1 limit...) for someone you care about. It's that spending time thinking about them that's kinda nice, I think.


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