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13 February 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

(spot the dodgy hearts! :-D)

Today, instead of my usual sour-grapes griping about Valentines (because I have never, ever received a (paper) valentine card..... no really, not in my whole life... not at school, not at uni, not even when I was with my ex for all those 15 years! [he didn't believe in it :-( ] I decided to distract myself, and see how a last minute message could be given (too late for you guys - I'd never get it now anyhow, and I just don't think the electronic kind is quite the same... you can only open the page when you're on the computer... you can't read it and keep it under your pillow, or splatter it with tears of joy (ha ha!)

So, as I said, to distract myself, I surfed the web for things to amuse or interest me. I started from a comment here in my blog....

Krystyna found another way to present your written message (if you still possess such out-dated material such as paper in your household... :-) ) in the form of a video from metacafe. If you want to present a love letter in an unusal way, heres how to make a twin heart origami shape for your valentine's letter on her blog Evolving your spirit-mind-body

I followed a comment written by someone with the name 1millionlovemessages back to a website called 1 Million Love Messages (Surprise!!!)- the aim, as it says, is to collect in one blog 1 million messages of love from one to another around the world. There' s no big blurb, no long description, simply the request for messages in the first post, and to spread the word. There is only 999948 messages needed to reach the target... maybe someone who reads this will feel like writing a lasting message to a loved one... :-)

[if you want a laugh, you can also hear your message read out in an automated voice...]

Another one that made me laugh was over at fashion designer Chanel's. Her blog, Hip Candy, is full of gorgeous catwalk pics and videos [and it takes absolutely ages - no, I mean it... you have to go away and make a cuppa or something! - to download the page!! and then the post is right at the bottom, after a whole lot of sidebar advertising :-( ], but today's post, so different from her usual posts, has a video of 'cupid'.... ok, you have to see it! :-) . I could've done a link to YouTube, but I kinda liked this gel's fashion page too... :-)

Personally, I love this Valentine screensaver idea. It's free, and you use it to make up your own mushy background... I think it was the kissing dutch boy and girl that attracted me, as I used to have a set of salt and pepper pots like this!! :-)

I also found something that intrigued me because I had no idea what it was (to be honest, I'm still not! :-) ). The title is "Send a unique Valentine's Day Qipit" - what the heck is a qipit?? It says to download a template for a card, colour it in, then qipit.... No help there. So I read the post... Still no idea!! So, I went to the front page, and found this:

Qipit is a mobile service that lets you use your camera phone or digital camera to turn printed docs into digital copies to share via fax and email—for FREE!

Ok, so it's a way to send a message or something... goddit!

There's plenty of shopping blogs around, with plenty of gift ideas for your loved one (though I really don't think Valentine's should become another Christmas - I think it should really be to express your love... in words... in actions etc...) eg:

FreshTrend - for lotsa little knicknacks
Shopping Blog - the Valentine blog of which points to Radar Online's worst ever valentine gifts :-)

Stella's post
, on her blog Where the cornflakes are made me smile today - texting with a friend about being a gay comboy...

But, most of all, I appreciate the sentiments of Tom (don't you love to see your name in pink?! :-D ) over at Current Era Blog , who says on the post titled Valentine, Schmalentine: Songs for the dumped . Though I haven't been dumped, I'm being a sad-sac, with not a guy in sight, so I'm going with this one:

"This Valentine’s Eve, let us take a moment for those among us who are without love, or unhappy in love. Let us appreciate those who have been crushed by some two-timing, cold-hearted, no-good jerk — for we all know that it’s in the sweet and terrible state of heartbreak that creative juices really start to flow.......

....Take heart in the abundant supply of tearily tender and defiantly furious songs that wait to get you through the hard times and soothe your aching soul."

There's quite a good list of sad-heart songs here!

Ok, so now I'm off to sing the blues....

I got me some ill kids
and I'm all sad
not cos of that
but the cards I've not had....

© Annelisa Christensen 7:55 pm

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At February 14, 2007 4:57 pm, Blogger krystyna said...

Woow! Many very interesting issues!
Great post!!!!!
I found recipe for poetic meal.
Sounds good!
I'll have to try it.
So, I'll be back!

At February 14, 2007 5:04 pm, Blogger TopChamp said...

Cheerful today?!! I'm afraid none of your ideas here are going to do. I'll have to stick with the old favourites: Food, Beer, CD or DVD from the supermarket. Might make me an origami heart though.

Can't really be bothered this year - no offense to my fella but I'd rather spend the evening vegging out watching some TV or doing a bit of practise. Instead I'm gonna have to pay him some attention. Damn this valentines malarky.

Anyway - Happy Valentines to you x

At February 14, 2007 5:53 pm, Blogger QUASAR9 said...

No need for Annelisa to be sad
when there's more fun to be had
cutting hearts out of paper card
and maybe along will come a bard

To wish you a mighty fine day
on this here Valentine's Day

I hope the kids are feeling better
gotta go send an electronic letter

At February 14, 2007 5:53 pm, Blogger QUASAR9 said...

And a happy Valentine's Day to you

At February 14, 2007 6:46 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

:-D Ha! Krystyna - Funny the sort of things you do when you're looking to getaway for a bit, huh? This post was a little look to see what others might be up to... but me? I'm having an evening in, might have a glass of red, might be nursing a sick child... what the heck... still with a couple of people I love, huh?

:-) you found the poetic meal....let me know whether the recipe is better than for the guy I sent it to...

Look forward to your return!

At February 14, 2007 6:46 pm, Blogger Katie McKenna said...

Happy Valentine's Day Annelisa!

I have the sniffle/cough thing going on too.

Yes, I have a blah blah blog as well as my poetry blog. :) It is simply listed separate - on the side of my art blog is my link.

I always love visiting you! I love checking out your photos every time I pop over.

At February 14, 2007 6:52 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

:-) Maybe I'm not doing so bad then, eh Topchamp?

Did you manage to find a valentine malarky to give your man then? Maybe feel more like it later on... Get the booze out, chuck some food on the table, and you'll feel a lot better...

Think I might dig out a non-romantic movie... like Terminator (oh no, that's no good... thought him crossing time for her, knowing he was going to die, was the romantic thing ever!)or ....how come there's romance in just about every darned movie there is? I can't think of anything to watch. Oh well, maybe I should watch Ghost. There's a movie I can have a good weep to... works every time at that end bit!!! :-D

Happy Valentine, sweetie!

At February 14, 2007 7:00 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

Aw, thanks Quasar9... I'm feeling better already! Thank goodness for your visit :-) What would I do without you, huh?

Happy Valentine's Day to you to, Q9!!

And thanks for all your lovely messages - much appreciated!

At February 14, 2007 7:09 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

Katie!! You snuck in there very quietly!

You poor thing... sniffles and coughs aren't much fun at all, are they! I had to rescue my kids from their poor stepmother yesterday - she was left with bronchitus and two young children with chickenpox - yuk! I'm glad all mine already had that!
(They all got it one holiday very many years ago... had to console myself that if they were going to have it, it might as well be in nice surroundings :-))

Ah, that's why I was confused about your blogs... they aren't both in the same place... if I remember rightly... I have to say, I really like your poetry! (I've now linked up my poetry blog to other poetry blogs - including yours.)

Happy Valentine's Day, Katie!

At February 14, 2007 7:32 pm, Blogger madd said...

Happy Valentines Day my sweet friend..!! lots of love and hugs..m
p.s. sorry I didn't get your email??? miss you sweetie..m

At February 14, 2007 8:05 pm, Blogger Mother of Invention said...

Well, surprise of all surprises, I gt lost in all the tech, but I just think the way you "Hearted" around these pics was pretty amazing to me, although I'll never master it!!

You mean your kids never gave you a paper valentine? AWW! Don't worry....the best is yet to come for you! Just wait a titch longer!
You are so special and have so much to offer someone...it just will take more time to find someone equally as special as you are. Hope I get to "see" that happen for you.

Sending you a "Valentine" cut out from my heart! (EWWW...I'm sure you wouldn't want that bloody thing! HA!)

At February 14, 2007 8:17 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

You're kidding, Madd. You didn't get that one either? There's something weird going on here. Y'know, I wonder if the comment-eating monster's getting into our emails as well now?!!! NNNNOOOOooooooo!!!

(unless, of course, I did something reallly stoopid, like pushed delete instead of send [it's been known to happen :-( ]...I'll check my outbox when I can get to my pc...)

I'll send you another! Miss you too, sweatheart!


and Happy Valentine's!

At February 14, 2007 8:29 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

Eugh, MOI, I really think I'd rather a paper heart, if it's all the same to you...! Kind as it was to make your bloody offering :-)

Put it like this... apart from a couple of dates (ok, quite a few last year...) there's been no sight of any sort of serious relationship for, what, over 8 years - that's gotta be a record, huh? Before this, I didn't have a time when I didn't have someone around since I was 18... guess it's all balancing out... having all my in-betweens in one huge dollop!

Maybe I'm just too independent now. Maybe I kinda like being my own boss, and apart from living round the kids, choose what I want to do and when... maybe...

To be honest, a lot of my bad habits have grown so stubbornly ingrained, and I'm so precious with my time, I don't think anyone'd have me! :-D [let's not go into the bad habits, eh? :-D ]

At February 14, 2007 8:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Girlfriend, AE!!

First of all, Here - my cut-out paper Valentine to you: will you be mine???? Happy Valentine's Day!!

Second - here in a 'democratically' driven society, we must hand out valentines to ALL students in the class.......so no one will feel left out.........i just hated the feeling of getting the ugliest ones in my box.......not so democratic afterall, eh?


ps: not expecting any valentines today..........!!

At February 14, 2007 9:34 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

I don't suppose getting the 'ugliest ones' in your box was any better than getting none, eh Kitty?

Sounds like you did as well as me back at school...

But, Kitty, may I give you the prettiest Valentine in your box this year! It's got all frills and laces and ribbons and bells on it! :-D

(Dont'cha just hate it already? :-S Probably why nobody ever gave me one - knew I wouldn't appreciate such a thing.... but a rose... yeah, I would've gone for that... or even a single crocus or snowdrop...)

OK, then, see that last heart, you liked the picture of before? That's for you!

Luv ya girlfriend!

At February 14, 2007 11:01 pm, Blogger Mohawk Chieftain said...

Wow! You've never gotten a hard card? What the hell is wrong with the so-called men in yer neck 'o' the woods? They all missing a gene?


At February 14, 2007 11:41 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

Aw, thanks chieftain! Course it's the guys, not me! Sometimes I wonder... I think I must send off these 'don't-send-me-a-card-or-something-really-terrible- will-happen-to-you' vibes... either that, or I gotta bogey comin' oot me doze... :-S

At February 15, 2007 1:15 am, Blogger Sanni said...

*sigh* Simply wonderful! Happy Valentine´s Day, sweetie!

At February 15, 2007 9:51 am, Blogger Annelisa said...

Sanni, You big romantic you! What are you doing here instead of with your man tonight? :-D

At February 15, 2007 1:51 pm, Blogger that frolicsome kid said...

You're not the only one, annelisa! I haven't received a Valentine's card at all from anyone! =P The origami Valentine letter looks awesome! I used to love making origamis. =) Thanks for the link!

Hahahaha, the 1 Million Love Messages sound hilarious! That's a lot of messages! Too bad I have no "Valentine", or else I may try submitting a message to that site.

Wow, the whole Internet is teeming with Valentine's stuffs. Even some of my friends' blogs feature a Valentine's Day templates. It's creepy, no offense... =S

Anyway, Happy (Belated, whoops!) Valentine's Day to you, annelisa! Have a great day! =D

At February 16, 2007 12:23 am, Blogger TopChamp said...

Hello... Well I buckled (half-heartedly) and got real gifts you have to get with money. Much as it pained me in Asda I started to get into the mood and purchased a jumper (George at Asda) and a bird table that you can make and paint (think it's really for kids). He's taking part in a national bird bio-diversity survey so needs identification practise.

I also tried to buy myself some wine and him some beer.... BUT THE STUPID MARE AT THE TILLS ID'D ME (note the lack of swearing... there was a lot of it when I left the shop). As if I don't look 21!

So bad mood firmly back in place I settled down to a decidedly grumpy sober valentines evening!!

At February 19, 2007 8:06 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

Hi FK - don't know how I missed your post back here!

That's a shame... you didn't get a card from the girl you like? Never mind, there's always another year!

The '1millionlovemessages' don't have to be to a girlfriend/ boyfriend/ partner, I don't think... I believe you can do one for your mum/ brother etc... I'm not sure about that, but it doesn't seem to be specific...

I would normally have avoided all the valentine hoo-ha, but I was working so hard to avoid it, I thought I might as well face it!!

At February 19, 2007 8:09 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

lol - Just imagining your man painting the bird table, TC! :-) That's the best pressie I've heard for a while!

No way did you get id'd - Ok, so you don't look your age, but I wouldn't have thought you couldn't buy alchohol!! That woman needed glasses for sure! Isn't the age 18, not 21? Wow, you sure must've been looking good Valentine's day!!

Hope it wasn't too bad sober (or your man went out and got a drink, maybe? :-D )

At March 13, 2007 9:52 am, Blogger anitta said...

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At March 18, 2007 3:12 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

Thanks Anitta - pleasure to have you visit!


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