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06 April 2007

It's made my day, and my day's hardly begun!

Today I was going to tell about my writing month... but blow that! I'm going to write about my first two hours of the day....

When I woke up to the sound of my alarm, I had these thoughts running through my head:

Gotta get up - dogs need walking

But it's holiday - I want to lie-in!

The dogs are so much better when they go out before all the other dogs get up.

But it's holiday - I want to lie in!

Just take a peek and see what the day's like...
Urgh, it's light... Hang on a minute. What colour is the garden? It's orange!

Oh, Ok then. Fine. I'll get up.

Where's the camera? Where's my clothes? Where's my shoes? Where's the damn leads?!
(obviously not where they should be after son walked dog yesterday!)

Wow! That's perdy...

View from window when I woke (if it's blurred, so was my vision...)

Out the door, and into the car...
there's a kind of anticipation and frantic
as I rush to get to the forest and enjoy the sunrise!

Again, the moon was still hovering on the horizon

...and in the direction opposite to the sun's fair show,
there was another, quieter show

Finally, I tore myself from the glorious pink and orange skies
in order to walk the dogs before their doggie-enemies came to hunt them down
(or vice versa :-( ) and caught the sun through the trees as I walked.

Managed to reach my bench, and saw the mist was still whisping
over the newly - ploughed field, before I heard a really sinister sound...

Was it the screams of someone calling for help in the distance? Was it a whole flock geese calling to each other? Where had the dogs run off to?

I imagined all sorts of things. My heart was beating fast, and I took a few steps towards the sound. It suddenly occurred to me that I was on my own - even the dogs had deserted me. I didn't know whether they'd run towards the sound or away... I just knew they'd run off. Then I heard yelping, and I was really nervous. Rooted to the spot, I listened... hard. Silence.

I called really quietly for the dogs, not wanting to draw attention to myself if there was something out there. Or worse, what if there was someone in trouble, and I couldn't find them. I walked a few more steps to where the sound was coming from before stopping again. The sound came again. This time I identified amongst the cries a sound I recognised.

It wasn't someone screaming for help. It wasn't a wild,
trapped animal nor was it a flock of geese (although that was in there as well). It was dogs. Excited dogs. Husky dogs! I knew what the braying meant.... the guy who practiced his sled-pulling (wheels) around the forest on weekends was doing the round today, being a bank holiday.

Darn it. I usually managed to avoid him nowadays. In the past, I'd been caught out by his dogs rushing through, and setting my dogs off into a frenzy. It's not that my dogs are so bad, but if a group of very excited and excitable dogs are rushing towards you at the speed they go, it can give you a bit of a fright. Also, Sparkey, the Jack Russel, loves to tousle with the big lead dog - not the best idea in the world... he can be a brute! And Sparkey, off the lead, can be a pain in the ...


I decided to nip down the path I was on. For some reason I thought it led to a farmhouse (I think, because it looked like another one that did and I got them mixed up), so I'd never been that way before. It was a whole new part of the forest, and I loved it! All windy little tracks, beech groves and tunnelled paths....

And then I was stopped in my tracks. For there, in the path, standing in the misty sunlight, was a doe. It was transfixed, waiting to see what I would do:

I didn't dare move. I turned on the camera, and pushed the zoom button, before raising my hand slowly, slowly... and managed to capture a couple of pics before it run away with a crashing through the thickets.

Boy, do I wish I had a decent zoom! I was in a perfect position to get a wonderful shot, and had to make do with these at-a-distance shots :-(

But, wow! That sure made my day. I continued along the path for some way, before I realised I would have to backtrack, if I didn't want to end miles away from the car. But, I really didn't care that the dogs got an extra hour walking... We hadn't encountered the raring huskies, but experienced a moment of absolute silence, of absolute stillness, which was just perfect!

And - after saying yesterday I hadn't seen the deer for a while too!! :-D

(If I didn't manage to visit you yesterday, it's not because I didn't intend to... I'm trying to get round to all my friends within a few days... please be patient with me :-) )

© Annelisa Christensen 9:12 am

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At April 06, 2007 10:57 am, Blogger Katie McKenna said...

Fabulous photos Annelisa! I love your countryside! Dogs get into all kinds of mixes.

Happy Holidays!

now.. I'm off to the j.o.b. ;)

At April 06, 2007 11:09 am, Blogger Akelamalu said...

Zoom or no zoom those are fantastic pictures honey. What time do you get up to get those pictures? I bet I'm just turning over for the first time!

At April 06, 2007 12:11 pm, Blogger TopChamp said...

Gorgeous! It's so nice to have moments like this, and you've got a photo (focused or not).

What time you heading out? It was light when I got up at 6. Had to drop boyf off at the garden centre and got roped in to help so spent a good couple of hours putting plants out this morning.

Trying to watch watership down now but I know it'll get too sad later and I'll have to give up as soon as I've made it through the boring bit at the start...

At April 06, 2007 12:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Annelisa,That photo of the doe was just breath taking!!!It must have felt very spiritual and surreal.I live in and around the woods and country side also,I live in amish country.[You know horse and buggy].Have you ever heard of Lancaster p.a?Well thats my stomping grounds as of the present day,I've lived all over the us of a.I wonder,how is it in the uk?From what i know it is much more relaxed and easy going...?I'm not very happy with the way things are going in the usa!!!"Don't want to be an American Idiot"!!!This country is way to commercial.Well enough complaining now,write me back on your comment board,There is somthing wrong with my account.I will be working on it this weekend as lilly will be going to her dad's.I will also be putting pics and more writings on my blog[upgrading].I have almost four days to do so.


At April 06, 2007 1:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Annelisa,If you have me book marked,Then leave me a visit,I don't get very many,Im not complaining my blog sucks sorry for the cussing.I will be working very hard on the upgrading this week,In about four days,drop by and cheak it out.

Peace,Love,and Empathy Dana.

At April 06, 2007 1:44 pm, Anonymous Brian said...

I am breathing deep after reading all the excitement in your voice. What a great morning, thanks for getting out of bed and sharing this glory with all of us. :)

At April 06, 2007 7:05 pm, Blogger dana barnett said...

I fixed it!!!

At April 07, 2007 2:09 am, Blogger twilite said...

Oh what a beautiful morning...what a beautiful day!!! Envious, envious, envious indeed...no such sights or woods where I live!

At April 07, 2007 7:34 am, Blogger Annelisa said...

Good morning Katie! Yes, the countryside round here's pretty special. Even when I was enjoying the mountains and valleys of Scotland, I still loved to return here for holidays, and take a walk in the forest.

Hey, Akelamalu - I have to say, it was great seeing that deer... what a gift! I was waking at around five a few weeks ago, but I knew that was ridiculous, witht the lack of sleep I was getting, but now I have the clocks bouncing forward to a more respecable 6am wake up...

I used to have trouble waking at 8am, an hour before work, but now I have the dog-walking in the morning to look forward to, I can do it so much easier.

Are these better for your screen-saver, Topchamp? :-) Believe me, I was dancing on air all the way home - couldn't wait to show the kids! The sort of moments you sigh out and go, 'Aaaaaa'...

You are so good! I can't focus on gardening for the life of me! When I was pregnant with my oldest, we'd just moved to a new house, and the garden was filled with rubbish - old cans, glass and plastic fused in a bonfire heap, billions of bits of paper and stuff. I think they literally used the garden as a dustbitn! As I got bigger and bigger, I dug that garden, raked it, seeded it, then sat back and watched it grow. The day I came back from hospital with my newborn, I looked out the window and saw that every flower had come out...just for me... all in one go - it was fantastic! But, funnily enough, I never had the same enthusiasm again!! :-S

I envy people who can go on out there and recreate their gardens every year!

Oh no! Did you make it through Watership Down? I remember a few blubbers through that! :-(

Good Morning, Dana. I have to apologise. You've left me a lot of messages, and I haven't had a chance to visit you since the first visit - I do intend to come back and see what you've done, and how you're developing your site - really! - I simply have to have a stretch of time :-)

Yes, seeing that deer was very spiritual, especially as I'd only said to Mystic the day before, that I hadn't seen any there for a long while (must be about a year!)

That's interesting, you living in Amish country... I don't really know geography so well, and wasn't sure where Lancaster p.a. was, so I did a google search - It looks a gorgeous place to live! And interesting too...

I'm afraid, the only knowledge I have of the Amish comes from the film 'Witness' (Harrison Ford), which I've watched a few times... I'm guessing, maybe incorrectly, that you aren't actually Amish? Maybe also incorrectly these days, I have the idea the Amish don't go in for modern technology?

It would be lovely to hear about your area in your blog!!

I wouldn't necessarily assume it's slower in the UK - really depends where you are and what you're doing! My job/ life are quite medium - not dossing around, but not manic either. My brother in law, however, is on call all hours of the day and night, and doesn't seem to stop! So, as I say, depends what you do...

I think everywhere's becoming more commercial. It's a shame, but it seems to be inevitable, as more and more people struggle to make a living making/ manufacturing things... they have to be sold to keep those companies afloat, and so they push it... it was so long ago you would take a visit to the shops just to see what you might buy in the future for Christmas - now it's shoved up your nose from all angles :-( C'est la vie

I shall come visit...especially now you've managed to get it working (believe me, we all know how troublesome it can be! :-) )

Hiya Brian, thanks for coming and sharing my morning with me... so much more exciting when you can tell folks about it! :-)

...still can't believe you're actually at work by 7am!! What is it you do again?

I'm sure you have other things of interest where you are, Twilite...you certainly have lots of beautiful pictures on your blog... it's a matter of looking at what is there, isn't it? I came back here by circumstance. I was raised here, and my mum still lived in the same house we'd always lived in... it was a wonderful bolt-hole, so healing.

I'd always promised the kids, if we moved to the countryside, we could get a dog... it was such a great thing to do. It's meant someone has had to walk him every day, and that has, for us, meant a walk in the forest - the best place to let them run free! I Wouldn't do without those walks :-)

At April 07, 2007 9:26 am, Blogger QUASAR9 said...

Wow, and a bright day it is.

Bet you are glad you got up to take the dogs for a walk and get those great pics ...
did the dogs not see or 'chase' the deer, yesterday?

Hope you are enjoying the Easter break!

At April 07, 2007 9:36 am, Blogger TopChamp said...

Don't feel bad! I did exactly '0' hours gardening on my own garden yesterday! I was putting plants out for him to sell... working for 2 hours for free. He'd better show his appreciation by leaving on time today as we're going for grub with my sister.

I really really really like the orange misty field pic so have changed it to that. Not that there I didn't also love the woods pic. Boyf was interested to see how many pine trees there were in it... is it quite a piney forest?

At April 07, 2007 10:16 am, Blogger dana barnett said...

Hey ya Annelisa,I've written new blog&posted some pics of my daughter and i.Do me a favor and please when you have a minet,come check my blog-I have to know if it work's!!!Thankyou,thankyou, thankyou!!!Annelisa!

Dana.ps when i know that it is working for sure...I will gladiy post about Lancaster pa.

At April 07, 2007 11:38 am, Blogger Katie McKenna said...

popped in to say hello
now it's off to the j.o.b. I go.

I like looking at your pictures over coffee. Very relaxing..and such fabulous colours!

At April 07, 2007 11:38 am, Blogger dana barnett said...

hI again,I just wanted to tell you how to get on to my new post,I think I FINALLY figured this out!!?


Let me know,Iam so SORRY-for all this crap...

At April 07, 2007 11:56 am, Anonymous krystyna said...

Hi Annelisa!
I wonder how you can find time doing such great and hard work( I mean that it takes looong time). You are very talented and ambitious, your pics and writings are perfect! Thank you, Annelisa!
And have a great Easter time!
About your question I'll write soon.
My VisualDNA is here:
Amazing abilities"
( you learned me - I did it)

At April 07, 2007 2:16 pm, Anonymous dana barnett said...

Now you can click on my name,Thanks to Brian.

To track my whole blo YIPPY!!!

At April 07, 2007 3:28 pm, Blogger that frolicsome kid said...

When you were describing the whole ordeal, my heart actually pounded and I was so afraid you got into trouble! My imagination ran wild. Was there a psycho on loose, a criminal on loose, a hunter on loose, a wild animal on loose, or you spotted "hauntings"! =S

Thank goodness it wasn't much! =D

You are really lucky to be able to get that good silhouette shot of the doe! =O Wow, thumbs up to you! No wonder it made your day! =D I can never do that. When I was in a bird zoo the other day, I frantically chased the bird down and after how many attempts did I finally caught a good portrait of the bird. =\

Not to mention the fact that the battery died and I had to constantly turn on and off the camera, praying for a temporary "re-working" of the camera with little battery power. =P

Seems like you were fated to meet the doe, eh? ;)

At April 07, 2007 3:32 pm, Blogger cathy said...

your lovely pictures have made me quite homesick for England.

At April 08, 2007 12:04 am, Anonymous dana barnett said...

Annelisa,I have a new blog site with more poems and pics.It is called,NIGHTENGALE

Happy Holidays!!!

At April 08, 2007 11:00 am, Blogger Sanni said...

Happy Easter to you and yours, Annelisa - let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits!


At April 08, 2007 12:09 pm, Blogger Akelamalu said...

Where are you honey? You OK????

At April 08, 2007 7:22 pm, Blogger mystic rose said...

wow...what a lovely walk!! its happened to me a few times..there ae a few deer near here, in the woods.. and atleast one of them is a stag. tall and strong. its always a thrill chancing upon them..:)

and so..you were rewarded for your effort and will power, its so cooold here now again that just waking up is a chore... :)

At April 08, 2007 8:45 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

Quasar - absolutely soooo glad I moved my butt! It would've been so easy to just lie there (like I did this morning :-) ) and let that special time pass.

Easter's been brilliant up until now, when I've just dropped the kids to their dad's. I've been having some lovely times with them this week, and it's feeling a bit empty already. I shall probably put my old favourite (Ghost) on to watch.... then, if I get tearful, I've got a damn good excuse! :-D

Topchamp - I sat in the garden for lunch today... does that count? Nah, didn't think so!

In the forest, there's a mixture of pines, birch and beach, with a few oaks thrown in. It's right next to Pinetum, which has trees from all over the world - when we were little, we used to go there such a lot, and now I rarely go. I think I'll make a point of wandering round it this week...

Dana - Forgive my not visiting until later - I tried a couple of times, but all I got was your profile, but no blogs listed. The address I used before didn't work. Now I've managed to visit, I'll see if the way's still open! :-)

:-) Katie... you're beginning to sound like Quasar, rhymer extraordinaire! I must admit, from your blog, I haven't come away with an impression of what you actually do for a j.o.b! I know you have a lot of animals rescued, but is that what you do for work? I must see if I can find that out!

Can I ask, does putting the pictures over coffee blur them with steam or something? :-D

Krystyna - Funnily enough, I'm not very ambitious. I am like a dog with a bone, though, when there's something I want to try, and I'm not sure how... I'll keep at it until I drop! :-S

Have a very happy Easter yourself, Krystyna!

Hey, FK!! Lovely to see you! Now I will have to have another look where you've been (I did have a look before, but there wasn't any clues in what I read...)

I know that sound I heard was 'nothing' in the end, but it was so creepy, being in the forest on my own, early in the morning. There have been alleged wild cat spottings, and definately wild boar, amongst other things. It crossed my mind it could be some wild animal like that, that I would go and see if it's hurt, then find myself in a sticky situation!

But, even the huskies had my adrenaline going... Though they are tame, they are still quite snappy, and when they have their teeth bared, and they're pulling at their reins so the man can only just hold them... well, it's a bit scary meeting them on the tracks, when you can't go anywhere to get away from them! Now the prickly brambles are growing back, it's quite hard to get beneath the trees, without getting torn to pieces!

Believe me, I know how lucky I was. That the doe stayed still long enough was amazing! I used to have that trouble with the camera batteries you mentioned quite a lot - I sorted it by getting about 5 sets... just in case :-)

Must've been fated to meet the doe. Just wish I was fated to meet the bucks as well!! :-D

Hello, Cathy! It's lovely to have you visit... now I'm curious where you are that you miss England! I'll try to come and find out! :-)

Happy Easter to you too, Sanni!! I liked your Easter Post! :-)

I'm Ok, thanks, Akelamalu...just had to spend some time with the kids! After a month of them being so patient, whilst I wrote my most amazing bit of cr*p ever (which I still haven't read, btw :-) ), I just felt I wanted to hang out with them this week. It was worth it! :-D

Isn't it lovely, Mystic, when you come across deer like that! Last year, we had a spate of deer jumping over (or trying) cars, and quite a few car write-offs!! I saw a couple of different herds as well. But, when you see them in amonst the trees... yeah, that's 'some kind of wonderful'!

Re the cold, it's been quite warm today, so we sat in the garden and ate our Easter dinner... the kids in t-shirts! It was lovely :-)

At April 08, 2007 9:53 pm, Anonymous dana barnett said...

Hey Annelisa,Guess what?-Now I have a new annoyance!!!I wanted to post more poems and pics onto my blog,But instead I created a whole new one.It cannot be accessed on blog search.It dose have more Intense poetic material,and my pics are better.Anywho this must be getting very old very fast!!!So how are you?,That sounds very nice eating easter dinner in the garden with your kids and doggies.I have to wait untill tuesday evening to celebrate easter with my little one.She is with her dad,But I have her on her b-day!!!!You have said that your novle has been finished,Oh how I would Love to know more...


At April 10, 2007 6:46 pm, Blogger QUASAR9 said...

Hi Annelisa, I noticed you breezed silently round Torchwood yesterday

Watching Ghost? is it the thought of dancing with Patrick Swayze makes you all dreamy and teary eyed

Glad you are enjoying your Easter break!

At April 11, 2007 2:04 pm, Blogger that frolicsome kid said...

I don't like carrying extra batteries with me. I don't really like the "Just in case" advice. I mean, I feel that nothing bad could possibly happen. Usually, if you brought the extra batteries along just in case, the camera's battery don't seem to run out. It's when you did not bring it with you then only trouble begins. Hahahaha! =P

Such is life, huh? But wow, you're still really lucky to capture a doe on camera! =D


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