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23 May 2007

How I Started Blogging


Recently, on her blog Queenie's Random Ramblings, Queenie wrote a post titled The True Meaning of Blog..., where she told how she got involved with blogging. It was an interesting story (even though it was through something unpleasant), and it said a lot about Queenie that she put her distrust aside, and opened up to us other bloggers. It was a heartening story.

Then, today, in the comments, Mother of Invention of Spilling Out said, "I was e-mailing a friend a lot and the things we exchanged were often philosophy nuggets of gold that he said were very bloglike and that I should have one."

Like many of us, she was a little unsure how it all worked to start with, and took a little while landing on her feet (though, if you go back over her earlier posts, they are as wonderful as the later posts), but now writes regularly and has lots of blogging friends.

While answering her comment, it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't known that about her, and nor do I know how/why my other blogging friends came to it, and thought it would make for a variety of interesting stories. So, I'm going to start my very own meme (it's probably done before, but I haven't seen it, and anyhow I have no patience to wait fifty years until it reaches me!! :-D )

So, to the questions I'd like to ask of my friends and visitors:

How I Started Blogging

  1. How/ why did you get sucked into the blogging whirlpool?
  2. How long ago did you start?
  3. Who introduced you?
  4. Who was your very first visitor, and do you both still visit each other?
  5. How has your blog changed from your first posts, and did you envisage it developing the way it has?
  6. Have you any other blogs and, if so, what is their purpose?
The rules:

  1. Answer the questions
  2. Tag if you want, or leave it open for people to choose to do it or not ...however you feel comfortable.
  3. Leave a comment on this post when you've done the meme,
  4. Link back to this post, so people can see when and why it started

Seeing as I'm hoping others will do this meme, I'll put my own answers to start the ball rolling:

How/why did you get sucked into the blogging whirlpool?

Ah, this is an easy one. I wanted to write, and I wanted somewhere to write. I'd half-heartedly sent off my A 2 Z Monsters for Bed rhymes and had them rejected by a couple of publishers many years ago. I wasn't in the emotional state for rejections, so I simply 'didn't bother' any more. However, I continued writing bits and bobs... the start of a story here, a poem there - and then dumped them all into this bag under the stairs (the ones that escaped being curled into tight knots and lighting the fire, that is! :-D ).

When I was first told about blogging by one of my dates, I didn't really understand it, and thought it was only an online diary. But then, when given more explanation (see next question), I realised this could be a place to put my poetry and writings, and where I could maybe get feedback. Also, since we'd had a house fire earlier in year, it occurred to me that blogging could be like having an online 'safe' for my writing 'valuables' (not that they were valuable, but you know how your creations can be like little babies to you? and because they come from you it's like they're a part of you? Well, I kind of wanted a place to 'protect' what I wrote, just in case...

Who introduced you?

Blame that on my lovely, eldest son. He had his own blog, and he and his friends visited each other, and left comments on their ideas. One day, sitting at the computer, he turned round and said, 'You should have a blog' for your writing...you'd like it.' I've never looked back. Thanks J!

How long ago did you start?

October 2006 - I started with a poem titled Fireworks, which I'd actually had published (because it came in the top three of a competition)... I just looked back to it. Funny, that seems so long ago, but it was only 7 months!! How time flies! And how engrossed and enriched I have been, and am, by it. Not only have I made such wonderful blogging friends, who've been with me through some hard times (even if they didn't know it :-) ) Sometimes, just having someone there to reach out to can be enough. But, when they reach back and virtually hug you, it can carry you through anything.

Who was your very first visitor, and do you both still visit each other?

The very first visitor was actually that very same date that had first introduced me to the blogging world. He'd then immediately stopped blogging, and now has gone off to Spain. No, he doesn't still visit - we're still friends, but are 'moving on'.

The other first visitors were really just passing through. The first visitor who still visits is probably Kilroy of Gonzo Papers.

How has your blog changed from your first posts, and did you envisage it developing the way it has?

Well, I envisaged doing an occassional posting of a poem or something, but now there's sometimes a full-blown essay (eg last post :-D ), accompanied by not one photo, but a whole collection!

Not only has my expectations of blogging changed, and (as I said before) I feel I've got aquainted with some really wonderful folks, but also it has changed how I think and what I do in the non-blogging world [yes, there is one... it's called the 'real' world :-) ] For one thing, where I used grab my camera and rush outside when there's a spectacular sunset, now my camera's always hanging round my neck, and I just click. I also have taken more time to concentrate on looking at things in a way that people across the world might see it, so now see things in a 'new' light... it's even more wonderful than before :-)

Many have left comments of thanks for showing my little part of of the world, but it is me that should give thanks, my friends, for supporting and encouraging me in this... it's given a whole new meaning to what I once thought was 'known'.... and that in itself has given me a freshness in how I'm dealing with some of life problems (in that other 'real' world :-) )

How many blogs do you have? (seven)

Words that Flow - this one ! :-) which is my main blog, and where I tend to be most days, at some point or other

Poetry from Words that Flow - a seperate place to put my poems... I guess this is the blog I expected to have in the beginning, that isn't there at all at present (when was the last time I posted a poem?! :-S )

Sultana Fling - letting off steam about anything that makes me cross, and getting it out of the system, rather than stewing in it. Not very current :-)

Baring it all - the diary of the two months leading up to my head shave for Cancer Research UK (with the view of supporting my friend going through second Chemo) (up, but inactive, ie no new posts)

How to Link and Other Stuff- If I can do something, and someone wants help doing it, I put up a post... it's not hugely active, but occassionally I get round to doing something on it.

and lastly :-D

Heroines and Heroes (Bloggers' Poem) - my rhyming couplets about friends I meet in the blogosphere - I haven't done anything on it for absolutely ages, and there's a list of new friends I'd like to add a verse about, so I'll be coming back to this one shortly!!

(plus secret blog.... the one with the novel I wrote back in March :-) )

I'm going to be really naughty to start this moving, and simply tag anyone who reads this post!

You're tagged!!

Whose told 'How I started blogging' :


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At May 24, 2007 1:16 pm, Blogger that frolicsome kid said...

Hey, this is a really cool meme you've come up with! All this while, I never knew much about how you started blogging. Hehehehe! It's pretty interesting to know that your son got you hooked. (Is he regretting it? =P I bet there's this rush to use the computer first, lol! =P )

I actually answered your questions already in a way in the blog post following my Bestest Blog of the Day announcement, if you still remember. ;)

Hahahaha, I love reading your full-blown essays and I certainly feel great after writing one too - it's too bad I can't do mine frequently; only sporadically, when I have the tingle to do it. ;) Hahaha...

Is there a way to Google up your "secret blog"? ;) I think I should try looking it up and probably give you a surprise visit. =D (If you have not password-protected it. Whoops! =O )

By the way, those are incredibly beautiful flowers! And dew! Ahhh!! =D I'm sooo tempted to label each part of the flower now! XD

Great meme, I might do it and probably only answer some of those questions though! =P

At May 24, 2007 4:37 pm, Blogger Akelamalu said...

Great post Annelisa, really interesting and what a start for a new meme!

I'll take up the challenge, will post it in a couple of days.

Beautiful photographs as always.

At May 24, 2007 5:47 pm, Blogger bulletholes said...

I've kind of addressed this in some of my posts...albeit indirectly...this is from an email I sent today to a friend...
"...for what I have written about myself, for the things I have done and mistakes ii have made and if anyone can read this an not think "what an idiot" but find whats buriesd inside of this, then they are my kind of person. There are probably many that read a paragraph and decide I am not their kind of person...they don't get it...

Annelisa's blog was about why we blog...and I started out blogging to exercise my written expression skills and to learn to type, not realizing that I would find Kindred spirits out there. But find them I did. I have to think you are one, and intend to hold you to it."

and they found me too!
I did a post a long time ago about Barbara and a Wang dang doodle and said we all (bloggers) make such good listeners....and i think trat keeps us all comin' back.
but we also have to be careful of the affectations that can creep up on us here...
I get so fond of all of ya'll...but
I would advise any girl I propose to out there to kindly decline until they have at least seen my living quarters!

At May 24, 2007 6:20 pm, Blogger Queenie said...

Annelisa, what a compliment, that I made YOU think. You blow my world into such a wonderful place to live each and everyime I visit you.
Surly cos you've tagged my post, thats the tag done? I can't belive you only hit the blogshere a few months before me, your posts are so warming. If ever anyone needed to know why they should blog, its your place I would lead them to. Hope you have chance to visit me for the update on the operation, its all looking good.((hugs))

At May 24, 2007 8:16 pm, Blogger QUASAR9 said...

lol, so the blog lasted longer than the bloke (the date).

How many blogs you got? - Wow!

I'm in two minds about this one.
To open up blogs on different themes (topics) or to concentrate on one.

I think I'll stay on one
or maybe two, no - maybe three

No, but I really should just stick to one. Blogs are easy to start, but take more time to maintain.

I started with a theme ...
and threw in some weekend poetry to rope more visitors in ...

but whereas your words flow and flow, my poetry well has dried up.

I was off to Spain for a month (to marry both May Bank holidays) but held back ... but I'm still thinking of going off to Spain at least for a fortnight

At May 24, 2007 8:16 pm, Blogger QUASAR9 said...

or two

At May 25, 2007 12:41 am, Blogger mystic rose said...

first the photos..
so vibrant, and the dew drops on them.. mmm just mystical. wish i could lie in them.

and ur post.. :) i thinkits wonderful that we can all conenct and make friends despite all the differnces in our culture and genuinely care about each other. I miss red dirt kitty.

It sgreat to have inputs and different points of view. let me see if ican do the tag.. :)

perhaps in a few days.a nd u missed my bday girlfriend! :)

i had my pics up. no problem will amil you it. :)

take care.

At May 25, 2007 6:15 am, Blogger twilite said...

Hi Annelisa. Great son you've got... who initiated you into world of blogging! Thanks for blogging...and you've got so many blogs!

At May 25, 2007 8:29 am, Blogger Annelisa said...

Hi folks - just stopping in briefly on the way to visit mum & Julia...thanks for your comments - I'll be back to answer later, and hopefully also to visit. Hope you have a great day!

ps. Got some wonderful pics of sunrays behind clouds yesterday - will put them up either later or tomorrow :-)

At May 25, 2007 4:56 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

I´m glad you started blogging, Annelisa. Visiting you sheds light on my life every day =)

I consider myself tagged and I´ll post this weekend.

At May 25, 2007 6:11 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

Oh my, what a day - It's been bad then better, and soon good...

I started off by phoning Julia. Having been mostly in bed this week, she was planning her funeral - literally. She's got a plot in the cemetry out back behind her garden; knows who she wants to come to the ceremony and 'wake' afterwards, and today she was looking at crematoriums :-( I understood what she was saying about how this helped her 'take control' and understood how making these arrangements made her feel better that it was done, and others wouldn't have to wonder what she wanted when the time came... but...!!!

The better: seeing mum. My sister and I took her out for a drive to the seaside, and it was a very pleasant couple of hours.

The good: A funfair's come to the village, and they're opening tonight! One son's already gone off with his friends, and soon I'm taking youngest daughter... I expect I'll come back stuffed with pink candyfloss!! :-)

Son sure is regretting sharing the computer with me, FK - but he got his revenge recently during the exam revision time, didn't he! :-) But, I also share with 2 other children, who all have the internet 'social life' and games they play.

I'm thoroughly regretting always teaching the children equality (in age as well as sex/race/colour etc), so to follow that through, we all have to have equal time on the computer (I nominally set it to an hour each, but we do negotiate from time to time :-) ) This means, though I'm 'mum', I don't have priority. And if I pull my weight, I'm shouted down as 'unfair'! :-D Guess I deserve that, eh?!

I've checked out, and noted your post about why you started blogging - I so remember that one... it had that line:

I just want to tell you guys that in this blog, I'm not a person.

I'm a soul stripped off its body and flesh, and bones...

I thought so profound!

I know what you mean about writing... you are obviously meant to be a writer, if writing makes you feel better by doing it. I know it does the same for me!

lol - there's no way of finding my other blog - it's 'hidden' :-D When I'm ready, I'll put up a bit of it...try it out...

I love those pics of the buttercups half way down... the flowers are so small, yet so bright, and glistening in the dew they were gorgeous!

I look forward to your post, Akelamalu... I see you've just done a meme, so don't rush. I think the weather's supposed to change over the weekend, so that'll be a good time, I guess :-)

Steve, Steve, Steve... you gave me a shock today, visiting your blog and seeing me!! :-D

I can't imagine anyone reading your wonderful posts and 'not getting it' You are such a great story-teller, and make the most mundane (do you have anything mundane in your life?) riveting!

Are you seriously telling me you couldn't type when you started??? You write so much, and with such style! It's hard to believe.

That email was beautifully written... I'm sure the person who received it must've bee really chuffed... you are a very generous person, and one whom it's given me great pleasure to get to know!

I think you're right about bloggers being good listeners, but also (on the whole) they are so positive, and give you feedback that reaffirms you and makes you feel more confident in who you are and what you do. They accept you for who you are (and those who don't move on, so you are left with those who do :-D )

It's easy to be affectionate to people who you feel attatched to in the 'virtual' world, but contradictarily it's also the real world. Each weird/ unusual/ normal name has a real live person behind... and each of these folks is giving affection back.

This blogging world has a lot to be said for it. My living quarters would have to be seen to be believed...and I'm not quite ready to show this yet! lol

You certainly did make me think,
Queenie - it was a good post you wrote, and it made me want to know more...

Flattery, my dear, will get you everywhere...but you don't need it to come on in here... you are always welcome!

Yep, you can consider the tag done (that was the easiest one you ever did, huh?! :-D)- I think you must've answered all my questions.

Your operation news is fantastic - only the best treatment for royalty! :-) I hope you get a place soon, and can start getting up and about on that new hip of yours! (I'll have my fingers crossed)

Quasar - date & I are still friends... he's a great bloke. But, yes, it appears so :-)

lol Too many blogs? Half of them are just sitting there at the moment. I've considered getting rid of them, but they're quite happy where they are...

You thinking of another one yourself? I notice there's been a bit of cross-over on your two blogs, with some biological stuff appearing on Quasar9... good stuff though, so I'm not complaining (except that it confused me for a microsecond when I arrived and thought I'd clicked on the other one!)

You have a lovely, friendly blog...and a person could quite easily get educated round there too!! :-D

I'm sure your poetry well will flow again, but in the meantime, it's good just chatting to you!

So, thinking of Spain, huh? Take me with you in your suitcase? I'm hoping to get to Denmark later in the year for another cousin's party, but that's the only holiday I've got planned... Some sun and scenery change wouldn't go amiss :-D

I thought you might like the dewy pics, Mystic - you've used similar sort of imagery to compliment your poetry in the past. Bit wet to lie on though :-D

Yes, the connections we make are amazing... the very fact I'm able to be in touch with you, across the Atlantic, is amazing. And that it's pretty instant too is wonderful. That we can share our lives with folks so far away, in all quarters of the world... yes... amazing!

Kitty's padding round, meowing every now and then (and showing her claws occassionally too :-D)... hopefully, when a little times past, she will be able to return to us fully.

What I was saying to Steve, about feedback, it's that that makes us keep coming back, isn't it... and what Steve said about us being such good listeners... so true. I hope you do the tag, because I don't recall having read how you started - let me know when you do, so I can come read!

I missed your birthday?? Nooooooo!! (I'm so sorry - I'm getting good at missing them. Just wish I was as good at being there for them!!)

A belated Happy Birthday!

Where did the pics of you go!?! I've raked the last day or so of my email account, and see none there - C'mon, Mystic! Wanna see them!


Twilite, hon, I'm glad you came visiting, so I could come back to yours and see your pictures of, to me, a more exotic place, with it's different wildlife and locations and lifestyles... It's really good to be getting to know you better!

(yes, yes... too many blogs... I can't make myself get rid of them! :-D )

Great, Sanni - I'm glad you've taken up the challenge - I remember reading something of your beginnings, but can't remember all the details (and finding it again in all your many many posts would, I think, be just about impossible!! :-D ) - I look forward to reading it sweetheart!

At May 25, 2007 6:36 pm, Blogger QUASAR9 said...


I'm trying to put words to this picture
Maybe you can help, when you have a free moment (as if that were possible, or likely to happen soon)

As for putting you in a suitcase. Cheaper to book you a seat next to me for £29.00 on Ryan Air, than to pay Ryan Air 'excess luggage' fees

I'm not so rushed off my feet as you, but I'm still having trouble sorting a getaway for two

At May 25, 2007 7:03 pm, Blogger goatman said...

I was never very good at structure (he says as fitting a set of rings to the wheel horse piston) but it is an interesting question.
I must say that I opened the blog to have a site on which people could respond to my comments on their sites. Then, realizing that I too should contribute something to the dialog, I began posting. Stacey from Indiana and a girl from Chicago (long lost) responded and prodded me to continue. Thus here we are today with a group of gentle people exchanging life stories and looking forward to another smile.
Isn't technology wonderful?

At May 25, 2007 9:12 pm, Blogger Mother of Invention said...

Will be interesting to see all these "blogs of origin"! Seems I must have missed Mystic's B-day and haven't really seen much of Kitty prowling except today..I'm feeling a little disconnected! Anyway, even if I were to stop blogging, I'd still be glad I did it for what it was. Don't know how long it'll go on for...I always think I'll run out of ideas.

Are these buttercups? We have these!

At May 25, 2007 9:22 pm, Blogger Diane Dehler said...

This is a lovely post. I mentioned you in my new post as one of the spiritual places I visit. Thanks for all of your hard work. A blog with a positive focus is a garden.

At May 26, 2007 4:09 am, Blogger Alicia M B Ballard StudioGaleria said...

Annelisa dear

made attemps to visit your blog but always ended up at the one with the hollow trunk... (?)

Just popped by to say hello - thinking about you...

This IS a nice idea.
Also noticed you made your pics available - good for you!

Love and hugs

At May 26, 2007 12:02 pm, Blogger Maryam in Marrakesh said...

7 blogs! I just about fell off my chair. How do you manage?

At May 26, 2007 11:46 pm, Blogger Mimi Lenox said...

Queen of Memes LOVES this meme. All who answer will be logging blogging history. (That rhymed!) I must be rhyming because I'm on your blog - all those poetic vibes of yours.
I shall add this to my growing list of memes to do. Love it!

And for the record, we are all so glad you started. Thank your son for us, too!

At May 28, 2007 3:19 am, Blogger krystyna said...

Thank you Annelisa for this unusual, special post. Thanks for sharing more about you. I'm sorry that I'm late but I am happy because I could read all wonderful comments and your great responds.
I'm very surprise that you are younger as a blogger than I am. I started June 2006.
I thought that you are blogging few years. Such a big, wonderful job in such a short time!
Annelisa - You Are Great! And You Are Doing Great Work!

At May 28, 2007 10:35 pm, Blogger TopChamp said...

Sorry about the bad bit of the day. It must be really hard hearing a friend talking about that.

I'll do your meme.

At May 28, 2007 10:39 pm, Blogger TopChamp said...

went to Sanni's blog to see if she'd played, and it's become like Mimi's and I can't comment or click on links.

Any chance you already know about this and can confirm it's coz I'm using Internet Explorer? I've read several blogs where people recommend the search engine you use but I can't see anything on either Mimi's or Sanni's.

At May 29, 2007 7:00 am, Blogger TopChamp said...

It's ok! Sanni's works again.

At May 30, 2007 7:57 am, Blogger Annelisa said...

I like that pic too, Quasar - one of my favourites...

How about:

Inspiration comes from crystal pearls
shimmering in scintillating sunshine
on a bed of golden petals.


Hope you have a great holiday!

So, you already had an awareness of blogging before you started, Goatman? Did you simply start by surfing, or did some blog catch your attention first? I'm glad you started though. It's good to have another 'gentle person' to exchange stories with :-)

MOI - There hasn't been a huge lot of takers so far... I might go around tagging everyone after all! :-D

Hope you're feeling more 'connected' now...I hope you don't even think of stopping blogging! I don't know what you think, but I can't imagine that a person can really run out of things to say, any more than you can simply not open your mouth anymore and talk... there's always something. It might not always be riveting, but it's always worth hearing!

Princess Haiku - Thank you.

Thank you for your visits, and thank you for mentioning me. That's flattering that you think I have a 'spiritual' place... I'd never thought of my place like that... :-)

Angeldust - you're going over to the poetry blog, huh? (must add something to that sometime! In fact, I've got a Dona Nobis Pacem poem I'm working on (phew, I'm not totally dried up!) I've been wondering how your exhibitions been going?

I really don't, Maryam. Most of the blogs are stagnating, but I'm sure I'll find some time and inspiration to do something on them at some point... or maybe I'll just let them sit there...

Hey, Queen of Memes - I really hope you do do this meme...I hope to get some insight into all my friends and how they got involved. It's made interesting reading so far!

ps... I'll thank wonderful son :-)

:-) I like to do that too Krystyna - reading the comments on people's posts is the involvement and interaction that makes blogging so special. So, you didn't start blogging much before me? only 4 months... I must admit, I thought you were a longer-time player too!

Thank you for making my blogging a more pleasing experience!

What's this, Topchamp? a string of comments? :-)

I must admit, didn't have any problems getting onto Sanni's (even less than normal, in fact) I expect it was just the normal blogger problems... I've had a few of those lately! :-(

I'll catch up with you shortly :-)

At May 31, 2007 1:16 am, Blogger Liz Hill said...

I have fixed my link and hopefully folks will come visit your luscious blog. I must say it is a treat for all of the senses. Great meme--I have posted parts here and there about my genesis but this let me pull them together.

At May 31, 2007 3:29 am, Blogger that frolicsome kid said...

Thank goodness my parents aren't so technologically advanced, and my brother has his own PC. =P And it's nice to know that you guys have to have a limit with the PC - I usually use my PC for long hours non-stop and I'm not very happy with my lack of discipline... Lol! (More so in times of exams)

I love writing as it is the best way I can express myself (English has so many versatile words. I love it!). Yes, I certainly do feel good after I have produced a coherent writing of which my expressions can clearly be expressed out sincerely. =) When I'm angry or upset, I use writing as an outlet to transfer these negative emotions into words and get rid of it! =P

I tried to look for your hidden blog but I guess it's password protected (that, or you use a different alias)! =P

At May 31, 2007 7:59 am, Blogger Annelisa said...

Thank you, Turnbaby. I appreciate it. I do hope more people do the meme and leave me the message... everyone's story is different, and it makes fascinating reading! I'm glad it helped you link all your posts of your start together too... I'm sure it's not just me who's interested! :-D

If I didn't limit the time, FK, guaranteed each and every one of us would try to be hogging the computer, and there'd be arguements galore (as there was before I imposed rules :-S) There will still be one or other of us sneaking extra time when we can, but at least there's a way to get people off! :-D

I totally agree, the English language is a great form of expression. What would we do without all the nuances, eh? :-) I tend to let it out in writing occassionally, but over the years this has become less, as I confront things more face-to-face.

You were trying to find my hidden blog???? Not a chance on Earth, in Heaven or in Hades, mate!!! :-D lol

At June 05, 2007 12:24 am, Blogger Unknown said...

I´m up with my blogging history, too. The post you´ve read before was a partly like-minded one. Today I´m up answering all your questions, plus the Pollock´s. Both were great fun! Thank you.


At June 06, 2007 5:19 pm, Blogger Diane Dehler said...

I just posted a link to an interview I wrote for Quasi Fictional about why I blog. I was going to ask you if you wanted to do it too. then I realized you had done this already. LOL this interest we have in each other and the world is why we are bloggers I guess. Hope you get a chance to read my article. After it isn't the main post on Dio's page will post it on my own.

At June 10, 2007 3:15 pm, Blogger GEWELS said...

This is a bit late- but I, too, have done this post albeit- about a week ago.
I'll have to check out everybody else's


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