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09 May 2007

A quick call from work...

Thank you everyone for your comments - I'm really sorry I haven't been able to answer them individually, as there's just not been the opportunity to get on the main computer at home :-(

Right now (yes, this minute at work!) I'm writing up the new Year 10 topic (14-15 year olds) equipment lists. There were a lot of changes as we ran through the lessons for the first time, and in another window (so I can flick over if anyone comes in :-) ), I'm updating these changes on the computer before printing out a hard copy for the files, and sending a copy to all the physics teachers... (bet you really wanted to know that!! :-D )

This pic was taken a couple of days ago...

it was quite atmospheric and ghostly ...

I haven't been wholly lazy at home, while in computer exile. I've been making a video on son's unconnected laptop of a walk through the forest... I think it's shaping up rather well, and will have it to you (so we can choose our picnic spot!!) as soon as I can.

It stars lots of lovely birds singing, huskies howling and my two adorable dogs, Jazz and Sparkey running amok. I'll tell you more when I put it up. Anyway, that's presuming I can get it transferred over to main pc and upload it (which should be possible with one of those little memory sticks... :-) )

This morning was all grey, apart from a dash of light between the trees.

I've also been working on my book... I realised it was way to awful to even put in front of you yet (no, I still haven't read it.... I just remember what I wrote :-S ) so I've started work on making it better... To start with, it started in the wrong place, several chapters in, so I'm writing a new beginning which gives more of an indication what it's about. When I've re-hashed these, I might put a couple of chapters to see what you think... honest opinion.

Ok, naughty me... I'd better go as I have tons of work to do, and this week's a day short because of the bank holiday Monday. I'll call in again asap, and see if I can't actually get to visit as well! (I hope it'll be possible, as I miss you all!)

Do you remember this tree from a while back?

It has initials carved in it, and has lots of holes up its trunk?

Doesn't it look splendid now, with its new leaves! :-)

© Annelisa Christensen 7:34 am

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At May 09, 2007 10:09 am, Blogger Queenie said...

Please Miss, what shall I bring to the picnic?
I'm so excited now you've told me we are having a film show, I have the popcorn on stand-by.
Also the wine and chocolate are waiting for your novel, the only way to read don't you think?
Oh! its just like Christmas when I visit your blog, lots to see and loads to enjoy. You are a blessing Annelisa...

At May 09, 2007 11:07 am, Blogger Annelisa said...

:-) I'm all excited about our date... I think wine and chocolate are perfect for any occassion... watching movies, picnics, reading novels... ehm... anything! :-D

And, believe me when I say that knowing you is a blessing also, Queenie!!

At May 09, 2007 12:00 pm, Blogger Queenie said...

annelisa. a catch up, I am waiting for my call to go in for my pre op. I have no idea how long the N.H.S.s, A,S,A,P is. Lets hope its soon now I'm geared up for it...

At May 09, 2007 12:56 pm, Blogger Katie McKenna said...

Love the pictures of the trees, the chirping of the birds! :) Fabulous with coffee!


At May 09, 2007 2:09 pm, Blogger Akelamalu said...

I'm so glad you see you!

Can't wait for the picnic and the film. Also on tenterhooks waiting to discover what your book is about! :)

I do hope you get your 'puter fixed soon, I miss you honey.

At May 09, 2007 7:39 pm, Blogger goatman said...

Say . . . we have clouds just like that!
Just came over to visit and say hi.
Is your hair grown out yet? ha

At May 10, 2007 4:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooooooo - I love the atmospheric, ghostly shot.....makes me want to pad lightly on furred feet, eyes wide, pupils open to soak up that moonlight......dash and dance amongst the fence lines, the trees......balance along roof top peaks and silently sit watching the clouds drift by.....meow.

At May 10, 2007 6:17 am, Blogger Annelisa said...

Oh, Queenie - I thought, for some reason, you were going into the hospital this last weekend... well, I hope it's not too long - I'll keep my fingers crossed they'll find a space soon!

Hi Katie - Maybe the new birdsong will be just as good... and you have longer to drink your coffee - a whole 10 minutes!! (Was that too much? :-) )

Morning Akelamalu, I haven't got the puter fixed yet. I'm now convinced it has something to do with the new driver that came with the gadget to connect to the internet... it seems to be alright as long as there's no connection! :-(

Video to check out places for the picnic is now up ... enjoy!

:-) Really, Goatman? You have clouds like that? Amazing! :-D

My hair looks like I've had 5000 volts of electricity running through me... all on end!

Hey Kitty... you enjoying some rooftop wanderings? The ghostly picture was taken in the daytime, funnily enough... it was like an eclipse, the way the cloud blocked the sun... a strange kind of light.

You sound quite purring, my friend... that's wonderful... hold those thoughts! Hold that mood! Love ya!

At May 10, 2007 7:57 pm, Blogger TopChamp said...

Hello! Sorry I missed you... That tree makes me think of an octopus!

We're playing with the new cat just now but I'll bring Paul back to see the video as soon as it all calms down here! Sounds exciting.

At May 11, 2007 1:22 pm, Blogger steve said...

annelisa- what is it that you do? For a living? Between the poetry and the beautiful photos I must have missed that day. From your comments on Schroedingers Cat and a poem using the term 'Brownian Motion" I left a comment once wondering if you werent a Physics Guru and now with this Post, it seems to confirm that notion. Funny how you can get a sense for someone and either be all wrong and still have the basics right; or no nothing about the basics and be right about everything else!
So, what is it you do?

At May 12, 2007 6:09 am, Blogger Princess Haiku said...

Hi Annelisa,
Stopped to visit and say hello. The clouds are gorgeous. I am going outside right now to look at my sky. What a beautiful world, and if only we could save her.

At May 12, 2007 6:37 am, Blogger that frolicsome kid said...

Hey annelisa! Lots of luck to you in editing the book. ;)

The first picture looks intriguing and mystifying... It's like a hint of heaven is revealed through the hole in the clouds. =)

At May 13, 2007 10:04 am, Blogger Annelisa said...

Hope all is well with the new kitty Topchamp - I'll bet you're loving it, having a little feline friend again (so much better than goldfish...even kissing ones... don't you think? :-D )

Funny, Steve, I don't remember anyone ever asking what I did (though I'm pretty sure you must've seen over at my headshave blog that I'm a science technician in the school. And yes, my area is physics... I get all the A level physics practicals ready, fix equipement, and generally help out any teachers doing physics.

There are two teachers that specialise in physics, and one that teaches a fair amount. These are the ones I'm mostly liasing with, But, altogether, there are more than 12 science teachers (as well as the job-shares), and five lessons in a day. There's always plenty to do! :-)

The teachers are great, and the other three technicians are too, so it's a good job...badly paid, but good anyway! (Great holidays too!!)

Hello, Princess Haiku - I'm afraid I missed your comment here...well, until now that is! Did you go out and look at the sky? I find I'm looking up so often now, and noticing all the subtle colour changes of the clouds... Yes, I hope the human race comes to its senses before all is destroyed. What monsters we'd be, if we let something this wonderful go!

Hey FK... Uh oh! I'm suffering from your procrastination...is it catching? :-S

Haven't done more than a couple of pages of editing... it's much harder than the writing bit, staying concentrated!

Yeah, I really like that first pic! :-)

At May 14, 2007 2:47 pm, Blogger Mother of Invention said...

Any one of your pics is suitable for framing AND selling!

If I were a Physics teacher, I'd be totally dependent upon your help!


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