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13 May 2007

Two tags go to war...

I've been tagged for two different memes, so I'm combining...

(Local churchyard)

Instructions to follow:
"Basically you have to type in the day and month of your birthday in Wikipedia and then list 3 events that happened on that day, 2 other birthdays on that day and 1 death. And then you have to tag 5 other bloggers. "

3 events:

1521: Martin Luther excommunicated by Roman Catholic Church
: The sarcophagus of Tutankhamen is discovered by Howard Carter
: Alaska becomes the 49th United State, bought from Russia

Three birthdays
(you're only supposed to do two, but I liked all three of these for different reasons!! :-)

1892: J.R Tolkien, English author
1909: Victor Borge, Danish comedian and musician
1956: Mel Gibson, Australian actor

1 death
(narrowing it down from the huge list on Wikipedia was hard,
but my choice was because I had an ancestor who was also a potter, but in Scotland):

1795 - Josiah Wedgwood, English potter (b. 1730)

I'll be tagging:

no-one, I'm too tired (only had a couple of hours sleep last night) and can't think who, and also there's an awful lot of memes going round at the moment, so I don't know how dosed up on them everyone is . Instead, I would highly recommend this to everyone... it was an interesting activity, which I enjoyed doing, and I think you might too. Leave a comment here if you've done it, and I will try and come see!

Education Meme: tagged by Kilroy

(click to enlarge...it's really quite good!)

What was the name of the teacher that was most influential in your life from grades K through 6?

Hmmm, I'm not absolutely sure what grade 6 is, but I'm going to cheat (don't I always! :-D) and say that I have two very influential teachers in my childhood.

The first was Mr Wilcox, in the last class of Primary school. He seemed ancient to me, but he wasn't as old as I'd thought (I found out many years later). Physically, he stood out because he had polio, and used crutches and leg supports to walk, but that wasn't what made him stand out in my memory. He loved life. He loved travel. He could mesmerise the class with his weaving of humour and action in his travel stories. He made learning something you didn't think about, but did because you just wanted to 'find out more'. He would explore ideas, and wouldn't treat children as stupid because they didn't know, or didn't 'get' something. I loved that man!

The second teacher was our class teacher in the first year of secondary school - Miss Anne Whitford. I think she was just out of training, and she had lots of enthusiasm and kindness to give. She would spend hours marking our work, writing long, helpful and encouraging words at the end of each and every piece. She was the one who encouraged me most in my writing.

Unfortunately, because she was so darned nice, we horrible little brat kids took advantage. I regularly took practical joke tricks into her class (like stink bomb, nail-through-the-finger and fake blood, pepper sweets and tongue-colour-change sweets... you know the kind of thing. I stood in front of the Head's door more times that year than any other time in my childhood!! :-S ).

The long and short of it was that she suffered from a breakdown half-way through the year (yes, I do believe we were the primary cause... and I was one of the good ones of the class!). We were all really upset when she left, and I believe tears were shed. We sent her some flowers and hoped she'd come back, but she never did.

What subject did you favor in high school?

The subject I liked best was art, but those teachers (who always know best) decided I should do German instead, because I was good at it, and it would be a better O level... looked better on the school too no doubt. I didn't like German all that much. Probably because it had usurped my favourite subject. I did go back to do my Art whilst I did my A levels, but it wasn't the same, and I didn't follow it on to A level, or even college, like I'd like to have done.

But the subject I favoured, in that I was 'good at it', was probably Maths, physics or Biology. I was good at all three, though I didn't do as well as I should have in them, because, like that Frolicsome Kid, I had difficulty finding the enthusiasm to study. And, also like FK, everyone always expected so much of me (I was top of the class for many things) that I often set myself up to fail. But I enjoyed biology and physics best out of the academic subjects, I guess.

Did you attend a university and if so did you attain a degree?

I went to Stirling University, Scotland. It was a lovely scenic spot, with the university campus set into the side of the Ochil Hills. I lived in many farm buildings / cottages while I was there. My degree major was in Psychology, and there was some biology and linguistics thrown in. Again, I didn't do as well as I could (probably explained by the all-night dancing and drinking, and sleeping through the lectures...if I got up for them!), but I got my degree, much good it did me.

Do you learn best through books, by watching or hands-on?

Oh, definitely books, books, books!! Although, when I started a teacher training course when the kids were little, I found at the college that 'hands on' was equally good. My preference is still, and always will be, for books.

Has education been an ongoing process for you? How do you feel about that?

Of course! Is this a trick question? Does anyone believe they know everything by the time they come out of school education? I still do courses, when I can. Sometimes for the sheer hell of it, sometimes because I think it might help me get a job. I've done such things as stained-glass window making; Danish (even though mum's Danish, she never taught us); spreadsheets/ book-keeping; writing; selling perfumes; computer studies.... etc. At present, I'm not trying very hard to learn Spanish, and next year I hope to do the Astronomy class at school.
Stopping learning's like stopping breathing...

What seven people are you tagging to do this?

Again, anyone who wants to, who feels they have something to say on this, or who just wants to do it so they can tag someone else!! :-D

And now...

...for the entertainment of of Mother of Invention, who keeps asking me what I look like now my hair's growing back (this is me in December), here's a couple of photos...

My hair's sticking up, and I've been sorely tempted to shave it off again for the last month, but I want some hair back again, so I'm persevering:

And Julia's hair's coming back now after chemo... (they had to stop because her blood had taken too much of a battering, and at present she's having radiotherapy to try and reduce the pain), and here she is last week, looking very glam:

A toast to my friend Julia - she's a brave, brave woman - and to all my blogging friends, who've stuck by me, even though I've been conspicuous by my absence!!

Hope you've all had / are having a great weekend! Cheers!


© Annelisa Christensen 9:46 am

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At May 13, 2007 2:15 pm, Blogger GEWELS said...

Hi Annelisa- I saw your comment on Steve's post. Today, May 13 is his birthday. I did a small tribute to him on my sight. Maybe you can run on over to Bulletholes and wish hima good one.
I also think he should be tagged for his birthday! Lol

BTW- you look awesome- love the hair

At May 13, 2007 4:25 pm, Blogger Akelamalu said...

It was really interesting reading more little tidbits about you.

Your hair is great, I paid to have mine done like that!

Cheers to you too honey have a good one.

At May 13, 2007 5:29 pm, Blogger Dana Barnett said...

Hi Annelisa,Its me Dana...I have been visiting you latly even though I havent written you...I do miss the blogland,just have writers block bad...and life...love stinks...Oh well i am still a surviver...The on line dating thing is becoming such a bore...Metting people but not liking them really...At least I gave it a try...Glad that i have known love once or twise in life...Thats what they say dont they...You only feel true love once or so in life any way...For now just working on me...WHO is your friend Julie she seems a strong person...I have enjoyed your tag and your writings as always...Write back when you have the chance....

Peace Love and Happiness...Truly, Dana...

At May 13, 2007 7:37 pm, Blogger Queenie said...

Hi! Hope Mr computer stays awake.
I really am looking forward to that picnic.....
You are one of the rare things, that make you know life is good.
That sounds so dramatic, but you just amaze me. Bless you Annelisa, you deserve so much happiness, because you give so much, and share your surroundings. I'm sure the trees and the fields never thought anyone would give them so much fame.

At May 14, 2007 12:22 am, Blogger bulletholes said...

Oh baby! Whats in the Glass DarlinG? Really!
You can always get a "Bald Wig"!

At May 14, 2007 2:20 am, Blogger Mimi Lenox said...

It's so good to see you here and kind of you to let us into your world a bit more. I love your hair! It's looks wonderful.

I agree that Julia looks "glam."
And what Queenie said above is so true about you giving the trees and fields fame. Well said and so true.

You do make them come alive for us.
I hope you know how many people enjoy your work here. I think of this as a peaceful place to visit.

Your friend across the pond

At May 14, 2007 5:51 am, Blogger that frolicsome kid said...

J.R.R. Tolkien shared the same birthday as you?! =D You know, I really should try and read his books, i.e. LOTRs but sadly, fantasy is my most hated genre. Lol!

I'm tired too from last night's Chemistry cramming. The cramming didn't help at all - it was so irrelevant to the application questions! >=(

Cool education meme! =D I will do that tag during my study "breaks". How ironic! =P

Erm, yeah, it's a pity that too-kind teachers who are really good in teacher are always taken advantage of students. It always made me roll my eyes. Lol!

By the way, looking great and funky with your new grown hair! =D And your friend really looks glamourous. =)

See you later! ^.^

At May 14, 2007 1:49 pm, Blogger lettuce said...

your hair does look great.

your blog always lifts my heart - all those beautiful skies and trees.

(and i liked the spiders)

At May 14, 2007 1:51 pm, Blogger mystic rose said...

I like your hair.. it makes you look so different.. like a kid again, almost.. :)

At May 14, 2007 1:52 pm, Blogger mystic rose said...

I for one agree with being tired, am exhuasted too.

At May 14, 2007 2:30 pm, Blogger Mother of Invention said...

Okay, I'm here trying again! I lost this big long comment because I DIDN'T do what you taught me to do...ctrl + C first and it came up "Can't display ths page"!

I love the spiders in these photos although I think they're creepy in real life!

You must have picked up your habit of writing long comments from that poor young teacher you guys made have a breakdown. I wonder if she ever got back to it?

You are definitely still artistic and especialy with your camera. You were smart enough to do so many things. I likrd biology since you could see it, but physics? Not at all!

My degree was a Major in Psych and a minor in English with some Sociology too.

I am a hands on learner. I am so slow in reading and just can not interpret instructions from print...you're not surprised I know!!

Julia looks so vibrant and well, it's hard to believe she's fighting for her life a 2nd time. My heart and well wishes go out to her.

You look fab! I love your hair and never thought it was so curly! You are so lucky to have that..mine is straight and very fine like a baby's hair.

Thanks for this!

At May 14, 2007 2:55 pm, Blogger Annelisa said...

just popping in between work and going out again (oh, what a busy life! :-) ), so I'll write back to those I have time to just now, and be back later...

Gewels - Gotcha, I've been over to take a look at your party for Steve - that's a really nice thing to have done! 50, huh? I think I'll leave the tagging for now, though it would be appropriate... in fact, Steve if you're reading...

Akelamalu - I assure you, you wouldn't pay to have your hair as dry and wiry as mine... it's murder - I have to attack it every morning to even get it to go in one direction... you should see it after a night's sleep - it looks like it's been gelled into weird and wonderful shapes! :-D

Dana - Hi! I figured you must be busy with your dating... so, Mr Wonderful's being elusive, huh? Never mind, at least you get to meet people. I did the internet dating lark last year. I met some lovely people, but there just wasn't the romance there, unfortunately :-( But with some I had a real laugh, and to be honest, I consider that an even greater thing!

Julia is my childhood friend who has cancer, and is going through a second round of treatment. You can read all about my headshave for cancer research at my other blog Baring it All

I'll visit soon. Oh, and don't worry about writer's block - hits us all at some time or other! :-S

Queenie - I hope I wasn't too hard on you about the smoking. The more I think about it, the more I think I should have just kept my big mouth shut! Sorry!

PC's awake for the moment. Kid's dad tried again to make laptop work this weekend, even lending us a wireless thingy. Unfortunately, that isn't working either. I think I'll have to play with it for a bit :-(

Yes, I'm looking forward to the picnic too... I'm just wondering when it should be... I think when the weather clears up a bit, don't you? :-)

Aw, you say the loveliest things! I'm shuffling my feet, blushing and feeling rather chuffed :-) Thanks!

Steve - What do you think's in the glass, coke? No way! It's a glass of vino... cheapo red, I'm afraid. Daughter of mine took the photo, and caught me with a cheesy grin! :-D (of course I'm grinning - I've got the computer for a bit!!)

I really don't think a bald wig will do it... I'd still have my horrible hair :-( I think it's either bald, or long enough to bind tightly! :-)

Hope you had a lovely birthday!

Mimi - If you like my hair so much, you can have it! :-D (no, no, I take that back - I wouldn't wish it on anyone! )

I'm glad people like the pics... I keep wondering if people would like pics of something in particular...

Uh oh, gotta go...!

At May 14, 2007 3:51 pm, Blogger QUASAR9 said...

lol Annelisa,
when two tags go to war
who you gonna call -

That hair be down to your bum again in NO Time at all - lol!

At May 14, 2007 3:53 pm, Blogger QUASAR9 said...

At present, I'm not trying very hard to learn Spanish, and next year I hope to do the Astronomy class at school.
Stopping learning's like stopping breathing...

lol - don't forget to breathe!

At May 14, 2007 5:44 pm, Blogger bulletholes said...

Astronomy is one of my Favorite subjects and if you will (when you) come to Texas we will sit under the Big sky out here and see Stars. I will explain to you the Titus-Bode Sequence and how it helped us to find the Asteroid Belt.
You can explain to me Gravity which I pretend not to understand at all, and especially what a Barycenter might be.
Then we will shoot off a Rocket.

At May 14, 2007 6:44 pm, Blogger Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I can not believe how fast your hair has grown!!!


At May 14, 2007 8:46 pm, Blogger Mauro C. said...


I tagged you to play in the "3 Things You Love"... a Meme created by me!

I hope that you can be part of it :)

Best regards from Portugal

At May 14, 2007 9:46 pm, Blogger TopChamp said...

your friend is very pretty! If it grows a bit longer you'll be able to make a proper afro-style do... nice! What's in the glass??

At May 15, 2007 5:21 am, Blogger rauf said...

I was deeply influenced by my Geography teacher, he would teach the text book geography for five minutes then he would tell us about his travels. I think i started my aimless wandering at the age of 12. Mostly in wilderness. Then in my twenties trekked right through the Himalayas. i hated cities. i still spend most of my time in the forests of south india, or what's left of them. 40% of India was forest in 1947 now its only 3% left.

your forest video is very impressive Annelisa. Specially Jazz running into the frame and running out of it, looks like he is waiting for the cue. Very good editing, sparky looks good too.
Wrote about my recent forest trek where i nearly lost my life a few posts before, 'Mother Earth Alive' is the title, its too long. going again to Silent Valley this week, just delaying deliberately because i don't want to feel that i am running away from the heat.

Thank you so much for the tips on how to give links. Here's what i learnt from you. followed your instructions step by step

in addition to two existing ones (Daylight Again) i have added two more
i have added two blogs


made the template myself,

Annelisa have a request, please put your old profile picture back, it was a happy picture.
Thank you so much

At May 15, 2007 9:54 am, Blogger Akelamalu said...

Annelisa your beauty isn't bound by your hair my dear. x

At May 15, 2007 11:16 am, Blogger Annelisa said...

Just a quick one, as I'm at the end of my work break...

Mimi cont... I'll tell Julia you agreed she looks glam, she's been in a lot of pain the last couple of days, and it might cheer her up a wee bit.

:-D I shall also talk to the trees, and tell them how much you love them (whether they listen or not is another matter).

I have another video coming up - There was the most lovely sunset last night, so I rushed to the reservoir to catch it, and caught a moment that I just have to share!! :-)

Frolicsome Kid - You might hate fantasy, but Tolkein's Lord of the Rings series was definately a good story. There was a lot more than they could possibly fit into three films, and (once you got through the intro) it was the most wonderful descriptions (Almost as good as the Mallorean and Belgariad series by David Eddings, which is my favouritist series of books of all time!)

I hope the Cramming's paying off, and you're surviving more exams! You'll do it, you know you will!

lol - do the education meme in the breaks in study? Funny!

My son had one of those really nice teachers too - it was his worst year for being bullied :-(

My hair! My hair! I'm hoping gravity will attack it any day now... it just seems to be standing further and further up in the air :-D I shall tell Julia you thought she looked glamorous too... might cheer her :-)

Sorry, got to go again... I'm into work time now. More later! :-)

At May 15, 2007 4:53 pm, Blogger Mohawk Chieftain said...

Hi, Annelisa! And, Hi to Julia! Just a brief note to mention that my elderly mother-in-law stopped her own chemo after the 7th treatment, just recently, and she has been doing very well... even showed up last Saturday, at my son's wedding. The doctors are saying that all is looking quite well for her. Oddly enough, I suppose, she only seems to have lost a small portion of her hair. Maybe all the dye she's used, over the years, has helped! Another thing, they told her she can use vegetable dye on it, to help keep it red, instead of gray. All the best to you!

At May 16, 2007 4:59 am, Blogger that frolicsome kid said...

The only thing that repulses me is the sheer thickness of the book (yeah, pretty weird for an avid reader like me =P). I heard that his works are great and maybe, I should try picking it up in the bookstore and read it. =D

Cramming didn't pay off, especially for Biology! Oh goodness, I studied so much and what came out in the end only covered very few topics. If only the paper can be strangled. Lol!

I think your hair is standing up because of electrostatics. Either that, or it's buoyant and the force of gravity is weaker than...the whatever opposing force. Lol! (just kidding) =P

You can always gel down your hair. ;)

I hope Julia will perk up! I wish her well. =D

At May 16, 2007 6:25 am, Blogger Annelisa said...

Back again!

Lettuce - you're just saying that about my hair, aren't you! :-) I actually had about 4 kids at school yesterday saying things such as 'Your hair!' and 'What's happening to your hair miss?' When the rain washes out whatever is in it holding it down (or attempting to) then it literally stands on end!! Have to admit it looks funny... :-D

I'm glad you're still visiting. I know I haven't been getting back to everyone as I'd like to... And I'm glad you like the spiders. They were harder to take pictures of than you'd think... they were so small, like pinheads, and focusing on them when they were moving up and down took a lot of patience!:-)

Mystic - I am a kid again...well, I shouldn't say 'again' as I've never left childhood behind... not really. Come to think of it, though, the memories aren't so clear now as they used to be! :-(

You're tired too? I wonder if it's the weather? Have you had that change in weather over with you? Has it turned to dull, overcast and rainy?

Still, if you have our picnic to look forward to, that might cheer you up, like it's cheering me :-)

MOI - believe me, I lose as many comments as I post by not taking my own advice! :-)

The spiders looked really cool, all hanging down on threads side by side, with the light shining through them. But afterwards, I kept having a feeling they were crawling all over me (I did find one inside my t-shirt :-) ), and I can only hold them if they're in a glass or something. I used to be the one to go and remove them from my sisters' rooms - with my bare hands- but I think their fear rubbed off on me eventually! :-(

Ha ha ha! I've just read your comment on my long comments - I can't help it - really! :-D I seem to remember she tried to stop me writing so much, and concentrate on quality, but she didn't succeed (lol)

I'm surprised at your degree major- I thought it would be in 'education'...or do you do that after your main degree? I'd forgotten about sociology - I did a sprinkling of that too.

:-D *big grin* - I kind of suspected you had difficulty reading instructions... do you have a kind of dyslexia, btw, or is it just not your strong point?

Julia has her good days and bad days - I didn't manage to see her all this weekend, because she was in pain, and just wanted time out. But she has a very positive outlook on life, and keeps getting back on top.

Swap hair? I'd love 'straight and very fine like a baby's hair'! I used to dream of that when I was a kid! I can't envisage getting proper control of my hair for another month or so... until the weight of gravity adds to the weight of the hair itself and finally bends it downwards!! :-D

Quasar - No, I'm not letting said hair re-grow to bum length... I think just plaiting length will do this time! It took way to long to plait it up before (over 3 hours) and caused me great arm-ache!! :-)

I hope I won't forget to breath, and I also hope I won't forget to learn... I would like to get more stuck into the Spanish learning... maybe I'll do a course alongside Astronomy...

Steve - This sounds fascinating, the Titus-Bode Sequence... I've never heard of that (I thought it might be made up, but I've just googled it, and there does appear to be something with that name!!) - you will definately have to tell me all about it...and your experience with it! And maybe that will be sitting under the sky, looking at the stars :-)

I didn't say I understood physics... only that I took it, and I work with it! :-D

Will our rocket fly to the moon?

Maryam - good to see you. Yes, it has grown. But I keep telling everybody, it's been five months, so I jolly well hope it would grow in that time! :-D

Aha! Mauro - I tried to stop on your blog, One Million Love Messages a couple of times, but there was no blog...but I see it's come back again... as well as a new one My City Picture (I absolutely love the idea, and love your photo!!). I shall do the '3 Things you Love' asap...

Hey TC - How's kitty?!

Yes, Julia was always the one with guys hanging round her at school (and I was the one in the kitchen at parties, sorting out their love-woes about her!! :-D)

What the heck do you think's in the glass! Booze, of course :-D (Red wine... my favourite drink)

At May 16, 2007 7:24 am, Blogger Annelisa said...

Rauf - Lovely to see you... I like the sound of your Geography teacher... sounds a bit like my Mr Wilcox... always one to bring a place alive! I wish I'd done more travelling before I had children... it's so much harder now. In a few years though....

Only 3% left of the forest? That is just so sad. It should never have been allowed to reach that low level! Where was everybody when this was happening?

Thanks for your comments on the video... I'm only just beginning to learn how to do it, and it's nice to have feedback. I trained Jazz especially to run in and out the shots like that (ha! :-D )

I'm going to come over later and read your post about the forest trek - sounds like it would be a good one... fascinating (because it's a world so different to the one I'm in) and scary too... later (after work probably).

Hey, you did some good links there! Nice one! I'm definately going to check them out later!

See the profile back? It seems that this is the way people recognise me... thanks for the request, it reminded me to get round to doing it!

Akelamalu - I know, but it does help to make you feel not so scruffy if it can be flattened into shape even a little bit :-)

Work now, so I'll catch you all later... and finish going through the comments too :-) Thank you all for dropping by - it's been a real pleasure reading through your messages!!

At May 16, 2007 7:56 am, Blogger TopChamp said...

Ah... wine... my suspicions were well founded. Thought I could smell it from over here using my bloodhound sense for sniffing out alcohol....

Cat's fine, ta. He's just a big lump.

Just posted on a blog comments page... wish I'd just bitten my tongue. Oh well - too late now.

At May 16, 2007 7:57 am, Blogger TopChamp said...

p.s. don't feel you have to reply - there are no questions here...

I love that you answer all comments personally but it must make things hard work!

At May 16, 2007 12:22 pm, Blogger Dan said...

The multitude of spiders in that web is amazing. And you look wonderful in that photo!


At May 16, 2007 1:20 pm, Blogger Queenie said...

Just thought I better let you know, we will be needing a bus for the picnic. I think a good percentage of Blogsdom are coming along....

At May 16, 2007 5:07 pm, Blogger Dana Barnett said...

Right on Annelisa...At least I did laugh a little huh....You are great!!!

At May 16, 2007 8:37 pm, Blogger Mother of Invention said...

Don't think I can blame my ineptitude in following instructions and doing anything the least bit technical on dyslexia but I wish I cold! I am blaming it on my dad though! He's intelligent and creative but can't fix a boat or car motor..even got rid of his DVD player someone installed for him since it was too complex and he loves movies! So I come by it honestly.

Here, you have to have a 3 or 4 year degree before you can even apply for teacher's college. I did 4 and went to University of Toronto and got a B. of Education plus the Teacher Certificate in Elementary Education (Kindergarten to Gr. 8)in addition to High School English for Gr. 9-13, (although they no longer have Gr. 13) I had to practice teaching for 6 weeks in Elementary and only 4 weeks in High School since that wasn't my first choice.

I'm not sure but I think you would be a very well qualified High School Assistant here and they'd pay you lots more than an elementary teacher assistant which isn't too bad..I think almost about $12/hour which is good here.

I hope Julia is out of pain soon. I hate pain. What a great friend you are to her. Pass on my praying/healing/thinking vibes to her.

At May 17, 2007 1:43 am, Blogger Danielle said...

I might have to swipe that education meme. You see the best part of visiting your site is the way the words really flow through your wonderful photographs.

As always wishing you well.

At May 17, 2007 11:08 am, Blogger Annelisa said...

Hey, Chief - it's been a while....

I'm really glad to hear your m-i-l is still keeping on top of things. Sounds like her outlook is pretty positive. I think the amount of hair loss is dependent partly on the dose of chemo... Julia didn't loose her hair for the last treatment, because the dose was so low (being as she couldn't take more).

I hope both your m-i-l and Julia keep going for a long time yet!

FK - Don't worry about the thickness of the book. If you read it, and you like it, you could wish it was twice as thick... the pages just 'fall away' as you read. Once into a good book, I want to reach the end to know what happens, but I wish it would go on and on, to keep the characters and story alive. A bit of a conundrum.

The only big books I've ever read more than once are the two sets I mentioned above - David Edding's Belgariad and Mallorean series... the story totally gripped me and I just loved the developement of the characters! I don't always like Fantasy, but when it's so 'real' I can enjoy it.

Gel has a limited capability in my hair. It worked for about 2 hours yesterday, then my hair stretched and yawned and the gel fell away :-D

I will pass on your good wishes to Julia! Thanks!

Ha Ha, Topchamp 'don't feel you have to reply'... lol... I couldn't not reply to you when I'm answering everyone else!! It's a conversation... not replying would be like standing in silence when you've spoken... I just couldn't do it! :-D

Your puddy cat's adorable, and you look so happy sitting there (on your blog) with him on your lap!

(((hugs))) back, Dan- Do you like spiders? I've put some new spider pics on the next post... I really like the way the raindrops have got caught in the hairs on the spiders' legs!

And thanks for your comment on my pic... cheered me no end! :-)

I think you're right, Queenie, maybe we could hire a double-decker! :-)

Dana - sorry I haven't managed to stop by yet. Time's very limited (I'm 5 minutes over my work break already :-( ) I'm glad you had some fun on your dates though.

back later... best go get some work done


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